We all want to grow older. But rather not the inconveniences that come with it. And although we unfortunately cannot stop aging, we can influence the condition of our skin. Read in this special everything about skin aging and how you can slow down this problem according to the Van Rosmalen Kliniek.

What is skin aging?

Skin aging is a progressive, natural process that starts around the age of 25. From then on, the body makes less elastin and collagen fibres, so that the skin slowly loses its suppleness, subcutaneous fat and muscle mass. In addition, the skeleton shrinks, so that we see (especially in the face) that the subcutaneous fat sinks down. The wider skin causes wrinkles and hollow eyes. Skin aging consists of an intrinsic (from within) and an extrinsic (influenced by external factors such as smoking, alcohol, stress and the sun) part.


A healthy lifestyle helps in the fight against skin aging. A healthy diet, sensible sunbathing, less alcohol and not smoking ensure that your skin stays in good condition for longer. So yes: if you live a healthy life, you will definitely enjoy beautiful skin for longer. But you do have to give something for it.


Did you know that the majority of premature skin aging is caused by the sun? Therefore, make a bottle of sunscreen an indispensable part of the contents of your handbag, so that you are always protected against UV radiation. Also apply when the sun is not shining, because clouds also reflect the radiation. Or is your skincare routine in need of an update? Then finally purchase those products with a high concentration of active ingredients that really do something for your skin. You can achieve a lot with this. A loyal ally in the fight against skin aging is Retinol, which ensures healthy cell division and beautiful skin structure and fades fine wrinkles and pigmentation spots. Other active ingredients that protect your skin against free radicals and thus prevent skin aging are vitamins C, E and B3 (Niacinamide). Older skin has trouble getting rid of (the increasing) dead skin cells. Therefore, regularly use an exfoliant based on glycolic acid, such as the Foamer15, for a fresh and even complexion.

Treatments at the skin therapist

Skin therapy improves the quality of the skin. A peeling and/or laser or microneedling treatment ensures a better skin structure and a beautiful, even complexion. A laser treatment reduces pigmentation spots and gives the skin a more even color. A peeling based on glycolic acid stimulates the production of collagen and new skin cells, resulting in radiant and smooth skin. Ideal means to make your skin shine again.

Treatments at the cosmetic doctor

You can go one step further and opt for treatment by a cosmetic doctor. By injecting the skin with botulinum toxin injections and/or fillers based on hyaluronic acid, aging is slowed down and the production of collagen is stimulated. After just one treatment you will see results: a beautiful firm and smooth skin.


With a healthy lifestyle and the right skincare you can slow down extrinsic skin aging. But in combination with treatments at a skin therapist and cosmetic doctor, you can get your skin back in top condition. This allows you to enjoy beautiful skin for longer and at any age. Do you want to know what is possible for you? Make an appointment today at a clinic near you. Do choose a clinic that is affiliated with the NVCG. Then you know for sure that your skin is in good hands.

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