How a Peace Silk pillowcase improves your skin and hair – White Lotus

How a Peace Silk pillowcase improves your skin and hair – White Lotus

Get glowing skin and luscious hair while you sleep with a Peace silk pillowcase.

Who would have thought that you could sleep well and improve your beauty routine with the help of a single product?

If you’re dreaming of glowing skin and a good night’s sleep, a Peace silk pillowcase should be your next investment.

You may not think about how important the materials you sleep on are to your beauty routine, but choosing the right sleep accessory will help you drift off to sleep while keeping your hair and skin looking healthy for years.

At Anti-Aging, we’ve discovered that the real secret to perfect skin and perfect sleep is where you put your head at the end of the day – in your pillowcase.

There are many different options when it comes to pillowcases, but choosing the right one can seem like a daunting prospect. But the most important thing is really to choose the right material.

And when it comes to natural, ethical pillowcase materials, there’s only one real option – silk. Not only is silk super comfortable and extra luxurious, it also offers some seriously impressive beauty benefits.

We use Peace Silk in all of our silk pillowcases and eye masks. It’s one of the more ethical options, but still feels as smooth and shiny as other types of silk.

Here’s everything you need to know about what ahimsa silk is and why you should invest in a silk pillowcase this year.

How is Peace/Ahimsa Silk made?

When peace silk is made, the moth is allowed to pierce and exit the cocoon. This differs from traditional methods, where the moth is usually cooked alive in the cocoon.

Silk comes from silkworms, but you may not know that there are actually quite a few different types of silk. It all depends on how the silkworms are farmed to produce the material.

Is Ahimsa Peace Silk the Most Ethical Silk?

Yes, Ahimsa Peace Silk is probably the most ethical silk you can buy. Most silk farming methods are not very animal friendly, however, Peace Silk is made using a much more humane process that promotes animal welfare.

Because it is more humane, peace silk is also known as “Ahimsa” silk, which translates to “non-violent.” Ethically sourcing peace silk makes it a great choice for people who care about the treatment of animals and want to make conscious choices when it comes to the products they buy.

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What benefits can you get from an ethical silk pillowcase?

Peace silk pillowcases are known to have a variety of health and beauty benefits such as:

Ahimsa silk pillowcases not only look beautiful, they can do wonders for your skin and hair – all while you sleep.

Here are just some of the reasons why you should start using an ethical peace silk pillowcase:

Keeps your body temperature cool while you sleep

Natural fibers like silk are much more breathable, which is ideal for your bedding. When your skin is cooler, you sweat less, making your skin less prone to redness and inflammation.

Often, the materials used in pillowcases can trap heat and cause temperatures to rise during sleep.

Cool temperatures are generally ideal during sleep as they help inflame your skin and keep it looking bright and glowing.

Ethical silk helps your skincare products do their job

Ethical silk is much less absorbent than your typical pillowcase materials because it doesn’t soak up all of your skincare products while you sleep. With a Peace silk pillowcase, you can ensure your products stay where they’re supposed to be: on your face.

If you’ve spent a lot of money on your skincare products and you’ve carefully applied them all before bed, you don’t want them rubbing off right away as soon as you get into bed.

De-frizzes your hair

Some pillowcases can get really rough on your hair and cause frizz and damage without you even realizing it. Silk is an anti-static material, so you don’t have to worry about your hair looking messy in the morning, even if you toss and turn all night.

If you ever wake up and your hair looks unkempt and frizzy, the main culprit could be your pillowcase.

Ahimsa Peace Silk helps strengthen your hair

The smooth texture of a natural silk pillowcase is gentle and may even protect your hair — the proteins in silk have been shown to attach to the keratin in our hair to keep each strand strong and healthy.

Ahimsa silk relieves symptoms of eczema and dermatitis

Silk pillowcases can reduce the symptoms of eczema and dermatitis because they are much smoother on the skin and cause less irritation. Other materials like cotton can cause a lot of friction that can aggravate sensitive skin.

So if you suffer from sensitive skin or other skin conditions, natural fibers like silk are the best investment.

Keep your youthful glow longer

Gentle silk pillowcases are great for overnight reducing skin wrinkles, which are one of the causes of premature wrinkles – which we all try to avoid. Silk pillowcases are so effective because they limit the friction that occurs against your skin while you sleep.

We all want to grow old gracefully, and an ethical silk pillowcase might be the secret to maintaining a youthful glow for years to come.

Ethical, natural silk moisturizes your skin and scalp

As you dream, your silk pillowcase works hard to protect your skin’s moisture barrier and protect the delicate top layers of skin. The silk fibers care for your skin and scalp so you don’t have to worry about getting dry overnight.

The result? Radiant, radiant skin that keeps you looking rested and super youthful every day—even if you’re not usually a morning person.

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Why should I buy Anti-Aging Peace Silk pillowcases?

Our Peace silk pillowcases are extremely high quality and durable. Our products are designed to be the very best for our customers and our goal is for everyone to be able to reap the many beauty benefits that come with using the ethical silk we use in our pillowcases.

At Anti-Aging we love our Peace Silk pillowcases and believe they are the perfect sleep and beauty accessory that everyone should get their hands on.

Whether you are male or female, everyone can enjoy the benefits that an Ahimsa Peace Silk Pillowcase brings. With a wide array of anti-aging and hair benefits, it’s easy to see why these are currently at the peak of popularity.

How long does a natural silk pillowcase last?

Natural silk pillowcases tend to last for many years if you take good care of them, and if you use a Anti-Aging pillowcase, it can last even longer.

We use the finest peace silk in our pillowcases and eye masks, which is all natural and super strong, allowing it to last much longer than typical silk pillowcases.

Where can I buy wholesale peace silk from an ethical silk company?

The best place to buy ethically sourced silk is at Anti-Aging. Our products are made from the highest quality materials and designed for your comfort and convenience.

If you’d like to try an ethical silk pillowcase for yourself, shop our range at Anti-Aging and we promise you’ll soon see what all the hype is about.

Interested in something else. Try the Anti-Aging Silk Eye Mask to declutter your eyes while you sleep.

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