Hormones, anti-aging and integral anti-aging

Hormones, anti-aging and integral anti-aging

Your hormones decline with age

Between the ages of 20 and 25, all your hormonal levels are at their maximum to make you full of vitality, at the peak of your performance. Then, most hormones drop with age and aging. Some hormone levels drop more than 60% after age 60.

Hormones that decrease a lot with age

Among those that we know best, here are the most important to see their rate drop with aging:
– melatonin
– estrogen and progesterone
– testosterone
– pregnenolone
– growth hormone (GH)
– cortisol…
just to name a few.

Note, however, that this hormonal decrease varies greatly depending on the person. For example, we can see thirty-year-old men with crashed testosterone levels and fifty-year-old men with levels of 20-year-old men.

Studies show that this drop in hormones is also linked to lifestyle: diet, sleep, sedentary lifestyle, environment, pollution, etc. Regular physical exercise and good stress management thus make it possible to maintain good hormonal impregnation much more long time. That is interesting.

The effects of lack of hormones

This decrease in hormone levels leads to well-known symptoms related to age, andropause and menopause, such as fatigue, sleep disorders, reduced libido and sexual performance, deterioration of the state of skin and hair, muscle wasting, increase in body fat, feminization in men and masculinization in women, bad mood, memory loss, irritability, depressive tendencies, etc.

Here’s why hormones are an important pillar in the fight against the effects of aging. Moreover, it must be recognized that their effects are often obvious.

Should I take anti-aging hormones?

Compensate for age-related hormonal declines

If it is medically accepted that a rise in hormonal levels is accompanied by a clear regain of form, hormone replacement therapy is not mandatory, far from it. The alleviation of deficiency symptoms is often spectacular, like a rejuvenating effect. The search for longevity and vitality therefore often involves rebalancing hormone levels, with or without medication.

Do not fall into “doping”

However, it is quick to fall into the facility and the systematic prescription of synthetic hormones. This must be avoided because it would then deviate towards doping, like some athletes who thus increase their performance, to the detriment of their health.

An informed doctor knows the forms bio-identical hormones and knows how to use them preferentially. He knows the side effects of these drugs and the contraindications. He knows how to dose them precisely and use minimum doses because needs vary widely from person to person.

The most important thing is the hormonal balance

Above all, we must consider our health balance and our form. Similarly, the symptoms experienced are more important than the results of biological analyses.

No need to touch your hormonal field if there is no particular disorder evoking a deficiency.

On the other hand, the organism is a whole. A change in one particular hormone often influences the others. One should therefore not rush on hormonal drugs following fashion effects or following the results of biological analyzes without physical or psychological repercussions or on reading promotional articles.

An experienced doctor can advise on the advisability of these delicate treatments and consider them in a comprehensive framework. It will always be necessary to carefully weigh the benefit/risk ratio.

The hormone precursors DHEA & pregnenolone

They have been quite trendy since the 2000s and the discovery of DHEA by Pr Beaulieu. Since then, it has been widely used to treat or prevent aging disorders, just like the pregnenolone from which it is derived.

These substances produced by our body generally decrease with age and it is from their transformation that other hormones are formed, in particular testosterone, estrogen and progesterone.

They have not been found to have any side effects and are therefore available over the counter in many countries. This does not mean that it should be taken systematically after 40 or 50 years. They are only useful if you are sure that you are missing them and to be adapted according to each case (read this article to find out more).

Alternative and natural medicines to improve the hormonal field

There are natural alternatives to hormone therapy. it’s about the herbal medicine (plants and “phytohormones”), organotherapy (homeopathic dilutions of endocrine gland extracts), micronutrientsetc.

phyto-hormonal plantsIn herbal medicine, plants do not replace our own hormones but they have an effect ” hormone-like (like a given hormone) by sensitizing the hormone receptors of our tissues and organs or by stimulating our glands in order to boost their hormone production.

The effect is about the same but in this case, our own hormonal production is not slowed down by the feedback effect. Indeed, an endocrine gland produces less hormone when the level of the latter rises in the blood. During a significant drug intake, it can even stop its production and atrophy (aplasia). This is the case, for example, when thyroid extracts are given which end up putting the thyroid gland to rest and leading it to atrophy.

We should therefore speak, for plants, of hormonal “phytomodulators” or “phytostimulants”.

For example :

  • sage, shatavari, soy… for estradiol
  • yam, chasteberry… for progesterone
  • maca, tribulus, ginseng, ginger… for sex hormones in general
  • blackcurrant, licorice for cortisol
  • the fucus, the almond tree for the thyroid, etc…

A healthy lifestyle to maintain your hormones

Muscular exercise and endocrine production

It is good to know that thephysical exercise (especially short and violent effort such as weight training or interval exercise) strongly increases growth hormone and that most sports activities stimulate the production of testosterone, for example, even during andropause.

Also, be aware that the meditation is able to raise hormonal levels at any age.


I’balanced diet is important, especially for a sufficient supply of proteins and amino acids (especially after 65), but also of certain vitamins and minerals involved in the production of hormones in our endocrine glands.

For the most common:

  • testosterone: zinc, magnesium, selenium, vitamin E and B6
  • growth hormone: vitamin B3, arginine, ornithine
  • estradiol: zinc, selenium, vitamin E, iodine
  • progesterone: zinc
  • cortisol: vitamin C, copper
  • thyroid hormones: selenium, iron, iodine, B vitamins…

To find out which foods to find them in, see our nutrient guide >

Furthermore, note that the 24 to 72 hour fasts can temporarily increase our growth hormone levels, especially in our muscle cells, according to several studies carried out on humans.

At last, certain foods help to better produce certain hormones. They contain precursor or production-stimulating nutrients. This is the case, for example, with soy for estrogen, yam for progesterone, cocoa for growth hormone and oats for testosterone… It would take too long to describe them all here.

Once the rules of hygiene of life have been improved, one should not, on the contrary, necessarily deprive oneself of substitute hormones which can be of service if natural treatments are not sufficient. It is also possible to combine the two in order to use the lowest possible doses of hormones.

Hormonal and xenobiotic disruptors

pollutionIt emerges more and more often from scientific studies that many polluting substances in our environment have harmful hormonal effects on our health.

In our highly industrialized countries (but are there unpolluted places on the planet today?), we breathe or ingest particles every day capable of degrading our health, some of which disrupt our endocrine system. They come from detergents, pesticides, chemical fertilizers, glues, solvents, paints, construction materials, etc.

Here are some examples :

– the phthalates :in plasticizers, varnishes, PVC, disturb the androgens,
– the bisphenols plastic materials (recently banned in baby bottles) and alkylphenols shampoos and detergents, have the effects of estrogen,
– the dioxins (non-biodegradable) disturb the thyroid and sex hormones,
– the pesticides DDT, DDE, lindane can block androgen hormones, increase pitch estrogenic and promote breast tumors or male infertility,
– etc… the list is long.

We know very well today what are the consequences on public health of endocrine disruptors, in particular those contained in food plastics. Public authorities are aware of this and are looking for solutions. Some countries have taken initial measures such as banning the use of plastic baby bottles, gradually reducing bisphenols and phthalates in food packaging, etc. This will take time.

Either way, maintaining hormonal levels makes sense when you want to slow aging and limit the impact of age-related illnesses. The important thing is to do respecting the balance of the body and in the most natural way possible. In no case should this disturb health but on the contrary strengthen it.

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