Are you tired of always having to fill in those eyebrows? Then henna eyebrows might be something for you. I underwent this treatment with Monique den Hollander from Brows ‘n More. Read on for all the ins and outs.

oily eyebrows

Eyebrows have been going on for a while now. Influenced by Cara Delevingne and countless Insta girls, everyone wants pretty. prominent units above his eyes. But hey, what if you participated in the big eyebrow pluck years ago? Then it all had to be very thin, with the result that many hairs have disappeared permanently. Fortunately, there are ways to fix this. You can of course sign them. But you will have to do that every day. You can also have hair implanted, tattooed or applied by means of permanent make-up. For those who take all this too far: there is also an interim solution. You can have your eyebrows touched up with henna.

henna eyebrows

The advantage of Henna is that it lasts for several weeks. But if you don’t like it, it just fades away naturally. It is also nice that the Henna treatment does not hurt. Except for the epilation / waxing, that of course always remains a thing. Another advantage is that Henna is often chemical-free or even organic. And nowadays Henna is available for all color types, so also for the blonder ladies among us.

Browse ‘n More

I was received for my treatment in the brand new salon of namesake Mo van Brows ‘n More in Monnickendam. A pleasant and sweet lady, who knows what she is talking about. She has had one passion for years and that is the eyebrow. Her specialization is the application of henna eyebrows. She does not work with fixed templates, but models eyebrows that really suit the person. It is not for nothing that she can count Katja Schuurman among her clientele!

The treatment

First I was studied closely by Mo. Then it was time for the usual plucking and waxing to get my eyebrows into shape. When this was completed, it was the turn of ‘the real thing’: applying the Henna. The strain she uses is of a very high Indian quality. After the henna was mixed with organic rose water, it was expertly applied to my eyebrows by Mo with a brush. They were updated a little bit during the process. Until both Mo’s were satisfied. And that’s not so fast, I can tell you!

No, don’t be scared, this is not the end result 🙂

Anti-aging tip

Mo thought my eyebrows were a little too far down. And this is not the intention, she said. Mo: “In order to create an open look of the eyebrows in ladies who are no longer 20, it is important that the eyebrow on the side is not too long. If you make it a little shorter, it gives a lifting effect for the eye”. Maybe a nice tip to try for yourself!

henna eyebrows

tadahhh, that’s how they turned out

The result

After about 1 hour Mo had finished her careful work. What a winner. My eyebrows were nicely shaped and a lot fuller. Hubby & children had to get used to the dark color, but after a few days they also found it completely beautiful. I am also very happy that I no longer have to draw my eyebrows for the time being. You’re always a little made up, even if you don’t have a splash of makeup on your face. In short, I like Henna brows!!!

A Henna treatment at Brows ‘n More costs 37.50 euros and a Browtreatment from 22.50 euros

henna eyebrows

Mo & Mo

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