No, I didn’t get beat up. Not even bumping into the kitchen cupboard. So what happened? Well, unfortunately something went terribly wrong during a beauty treatment. The result is a bloated, red and flaky face. I want to warn you with this blog, so that the same will not happen to you. And what you can do yourself if you suddenly walk around like a kind of Catwoman after a treatment. So read (and watch, because I made a video about it too) quickly!

How it started

I was in London last week, as you may have been told. Great shopping, dining out and discovering everything. Also in the cosmetic field. Because London is a true Walhalla in the field of creams and facial treatments. That’s how I ended up at a large beauty salon, where they specialize in training your facial muscles. With the promise of a smoother and more beautiful head. Well, of course this sounded like music to my ears and luckily they still had a spot. Also a perfect item for a blog, I had already thought.

The treatment

The treatment was, well, how should I put it, downright interesting. A ball was turned on my cheeks and all flexible parts were pulled. I was also treated with a special device that triggers the muscles (a kind of Nu-face, which I also tried). So far so good. But after all the unorthodox push-rub-and-bounce techniques, the English treating lady suddenly smeared a substance on me. “Vitamin C with 35%,” she said with a friendly smile. A little high, thought a small voice in my head. But the stuff was already there and I paid no further attention to it.

And then it went wrong

Immediately after the treatment I had no problems at all. Glowing and blushing, I continued my shopping journey along Harrods, Selfridges and other paradise spots. But in the evening I suddenly discovered a red spot on one cheek, which got bigger and bigger. Moments later, the other cheek, my forehead and chin joined in solidarity. So soon my family’s tomato jokes were flying around. I laughed happily, because at that moment I didn’t know what I would look like the next morning. When I got up after a night of sleep, my head looked like an inflated balloon. With 2 recesses for my (now) slit eyes, which a little Chinese or Japanese fighting fish would be jealous of. So I really didn’t look.

Well, that’s how you wake up….

The solution

Unfortunately, you can’t wave a magic wand with such a violent reaction. I approached the whole thing positively, because I couldn’t change anything about it anyway. You just have to sit it out. Indoors of course, because firstly you don’t want to go outside with such a Catwoman head and secondly sunlight is not really conducive either (unfortunately a Burka was not an option due to the new Burka ban ;-)). What did help was taking histamine inhibitors and eating histamine-free food. I also didn’t put anything on my toe for the first week. Which is of course extremely difficult for this cream addict! Fortunately, after about a week, the swelling had disappeared and I regained my normal face shape. At the moment I am cautiously experimenting with a little bit of coconut oil and hydra-repair capsules from EmerginC. That seems to be going well. I still have a lot of white flakes on my head, but the redness is almost gone. Howdy!!!

Why it went wrong

It is of course interesting why my face reacted so strongly to this beauty treatment. This is probably due to the vitamin C serum (in this case 3-O-Ethyl Ascorbic Acid) after the treatment. But how is this possible? I myself use vitamin C daily in my beauty routine and that is going great. I decided to put this pressing question to vitamin C expert Silke van der Laan of EmerginC (the vitamin C brand that I use daily).

Silke: “Not all vitamin C in creams is the same. In your case, they used a variant that can be aggressive on your skin, namely: ascorbic acid. This is -the name says it all- an acid that is also known as an irritant. In addition, a very high percentage has been taken: no less than 35%. And don’t forget that your skin had already undergone quite an intensive treatment, which made it less resilient. So actually it is very understandable that your skin didn’t like it all that much and gave a huge reaction. Note: There are also forms of vitamin C that can be great for your skin, such as Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate. For example, it has excellent anti-age qualities and protects your skin from the sun, comparable to a sun factor of 8”.

What has the playing woman learned now?

Fortunately I can laugh about it now, but of course it was quite annoying and my face has gotten quite a bit. My skin currently feels dry and stiff, but I can’t do too much about that right now (my skin should not be stimulated too much). In addition, I have to be careful with sunlight, because otherwise pigmentation spots can appear on my affected toe. In the future, I will think 3 times before I just have an unknown substance smeared on my face. I also now know that not all vitamin C is the same….. Stupid that I hadn’t researched this before. But I thought it was good to tell you this story. On Anti-Aging Secret I don’t just want to show the upside, but also share lesser experiences with you. So take advantage of it and always be critical when it comes to your skin. PS: see the video below (the play button is on the picture) if you want to know more about this story. See you soon! x Mo

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