HANGING EYELIDS: PART 2 – Anti-Aging Secret

HANGING EYELIDS: PART 2 – Anti-Aging Secret

Do you suffer from drooping eyelids? And do you want to know what helps against this? Then quickly read part 2 of the triptych by cosmetic doctor Annemarie van Rosmalen.

Part 2: What helps against drooping eyelids without surgery?

The eyebrows slowly lower over the years and as a result the upper eyelids start to hang more. You can get droopy eyelids as a result. The first cause is in the muscles around the eyes. The muscles of the frown and the muscles along the eyes pull the eyebrows down. So if you can relax those muscles with botox, the eyebrows will be lifted.

Another reason why the eyebrows drop is that volume is lost around the eyes. All bone structures around the eyes shrink over the years, leaving a void above the eyebrows, hollow temples and dark circles around the eyes, also known as tear troughs. In addition, there is fat loss in the same places around the eyes. With fillers placed above the eyebrows and in the temples, the loss of volume is restored and the eyebrows are lifted.

An upper eyelid correction can be postponed if the eyebrows remain higher for several years. And after an upper eyelid correction, you can enjoy the result longer if the eyebrows don’t drop so quickly.

Is an eyelid correction done differently in men than in women?

The main difference between male and female eyes is the shape of the eyes and the position of the eyebrows. In men, the eyebrows are lower. Sometimes that can give a very gruff look if the eyelids also hang over.

The arcade arch in men should remain a straight line as much as possible and not become a round arc. In addition, it is important that the scar is well hidden in a fold, because otherwise it cannot be hidden without make-up. In men, less skin is also removed to give it a more natural effect. Very tight upper eyelids are more for women. If it is necessary to remove the fat in the corner of the nose, it can give a nice open look to both men and women.

In women, a round arch is usually the natural shape of the arcade arch and gives a fresh look in women. Especially for the 50th year, the eyelids can be corrected a little tighter. Women generally like to make up again after an eyelid correction, because the make-up then no longer stains. The eyebrows appear to be higher in women because they are often epilate. But still lifting the eyebrows with botox is a nice addition to enjoy the eyelid correction for as long as possible and to keep an open mind.

At what age can you do an upper eyelid correction?

The best age for eyelid surgery is not the same for everyone. Some people have puffy, or thick upper eyelids, which they have had since puberty. The moving upper eyelid is not visible and putting on eye make-up is difficult. This group is often eligible for an eyelid correction between the ages of 28 and 38. For others, this is a process that takes years. Because it only becomes visible when the face ages. The skin of the upper eyelids and eyebrows gradually droop and the loss of volume around the eyes increases. Resulting in drooping eyelids.

This group is usually between the ages of 40 and 55. To continue to look as natural as possible after the eyelid correction, it is wise not to wait too long with the correction. If the difference is suddenly very large between the overhanging eyelid that is suddenly gone, the look can change a lot, so that others no longer recognize your glance. So above the age of 55 usually not as much skin and possibly fat is removed as in younger people. You can have an eyelid correction performed several times. So if you have a good indication, it is definitely worth considering this procedure and then enjoying the result!


In the last part of this triptych, which will be published soon, Drs. Annemarie van Rosmalen among others the questions: Is an upper eyelid correction the same as an eye lift? Or how many times in your life can you do eyelid surgery? PS: if you want to reread part 1 again, see here.

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