Hamster cheeks gone without surgery | fillers

Hamster cheeks gone without surgery |  fillers

Do you suffer from the so-called ‘hamster cheeks’? Cosmetic doctor Marguerite van Randwijck of Doctors at Soap knows how to handle this. Read on for her blog at Anti Aging on this subject!

How do you get rid of those hamster cheeks without surgery?

Fortunately, getting older is accompanied by increasing satisfaction and self-confidence, but in terms of appearance everything really hangs more and more. Because that’s what gravity takes care of all these years. Because your skin is slackening, your amount of bone in your face is decreasing, the “gates” under your skin are slacking and your “baby fat” is slowly decreasing, you may suddenly look older or more tired than you feel. To counteract this and prevent aggravation, you can place volume under the skin in the right place. This can be done without surgery. We can correct hamster cheeks with hyaluronic acid fillers. Of course you want to keep your own, characteristic face. We don’t all want to look the same (think TV’s Real Housewives; they all have way too much volume in their cheeks). It is important to see what makes you personally more beautiful, without losing your own expression.

Put volume in the right place

The face can be roughly divided into three parts and ten points. For example, a good cosmetic doctor always looks at the ratio between your upperface, midface and lowerface. The ten most important points are the temples, a few points around the cheeks, and points near your chin. Because it is often the underside of the face that disturbs the balance. By putting the right amount of volume in the right place, you can get rid of the hamster cheeks. This also restores the balance in your face and you look much fresher. And your skin? You can keep this in good condition with the combination of Restylane Skinbooster – a very thin hyaluronic acid, glycolic acid and the use of Vitamin A acid cream. But more on that later…

Make hard lines (and therefore your hamster cheeks) disappear

Many doctors in the Netherlands and especially in America work with the ‘golden ratio’. That means the ‘ideal’ ratio of all points in the face. We don’t really believe in this at all. If we strive for that, we’ll either all look alike, or you’ll end up with an unrecognizable face. We think that you are beautiful just the way you are, but that fatigue or hard lines can make you less beautiful or strict. And we can take that away. We therefore always ask you to bring a photo from ten years ago to your first consultation. This picture gives your cosmetic doctor a lot of information. If, for example, you had a deep nasolabial fold at the time, you should not strive for this to disappear. That fold makes you after all. You can make it softer. We use different types of fillers with different thicknesses and firmness and look at exactly what you need.

Positive effect on the skin

The positive effect of Restylane fillers is also that it improves the condition of the skin in the meantime. A study of people over 65 who received Restylane showed that their skin became thicker and firmer. The hyaluronic acid – a body’s own fluid – stimulates collagen formation. Compare it to a plant: if you water it, it will bloom. So if you suddenly see those drooping cheeks appear, know that without surgical techniques and so you can restore the balance in your face without scars. So that those hamster cheeks in your lower face or the bags in your midface are no longer emphatically present and that you mainly see yourself again.

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