Hair, body hair, body hair and integral aesthetic medicine

Hair, body hair, body hair and integral aesthetic medicine

Hair becomes thinner with age, while some women see their hair growth. If there are local techniques against one or the other of these problems, it should not be forgotten that the general state can largely influence them.

In particular, any abnormal hair loss should raise suspicion of a health disorder (hormonal, nervous, metabolic) or nutritional deficiencies, etc. It will therefore always be necessary to look for a general health problem in the management of alopecia (hair loss). hair).

Integral anti-aging medicine will first focus on correcting the terrain and then treating locally, first using natural methods if possible. The use of allopathy or hormones (bioidentical if possible) may in some cases be necessary.

Treatments used for hair problems

– cosmetics: plants and especially essential oils are very useful. Ayurvedic medicine is well documented on hair care
– nutritherapy: to correct very frequent deficiencies (for example: magnesium, silica, zinc, vitamin B6, etc.
– the rebalancing of the hormonal field when it is disturbed
– in allopathy, vasodilators increasing microcirculation in the scalp (minoxidil for example) and finasteride which inhibits certain hormonal transformations in the pilosebaceous follicle
– mesotherapy and other medical techniques for stimulating the scalp
– hair micrografting when baldness is installed and irreversible.

Treatments to fight hair growth

It is necessary to make the difference between the true hyperpilosity and the wish to have a glabrous skin which one can regard as a phenomenon of mode or hygiene.

True hyperpilosity can be socially embarrassing, especially for women. These are real health problems most often linked to hormonal or genetic disturbances. In this case general treatments are often necessary in addition to hair removal.

In the second case, it goes without saying that local treatments are sufficient (different types of hair removal).

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