Yoo-hoo, we have an old-fashioned giveaway again! I can give away no less than 2 packages from Universkin, consisting of 3 products from their new Nexultra line. Read on quick!

What can you win?

Cosmeceutical brand Universkin is known for its customized products, the effect of which is scientifically substantiated. You can win no less than 3 products from their Nexultra care line with this promotion. These products have been specially developed to protect the skin against external influences, such as pollution, free radicals and sunlight. It contains, among other things, peptides and omega 3. The package worth 115.00 euros to be won consists of:

  • Nexultra L: a nourishing day cream with a (mineral) SPF 30
  • Nexultra O: a moisturizing cleansing oil
  • Nexultra B: a nourishing and repairing cream that you can use if your skin needs extra care, for example after a laser treatment

How can you win?

Now to the heart of the matter: how do you get your personal Universkin package? Easy. Like or share this post on Facebook and mention your ultimate Happy Aging tip† If the term Happy Aging doesn’t ring a bell yet, pay attention. Happy Aging is the guiding principle of Anti-Aging Secret. It means aging in a beautiful, fun way, while maintaining the best version of yourself. Both inside and out. So share your best Happy Aging tip and maybe you’ll win one of Universkin’s packages. The winners will be announced on Saturday 6 April.

If you still need Happy Aging inspiration, read this article I wrote about Happy Aging earlier.

Good luck!!!!!!

PS: Saturday evening you will find a special about nutritional supplements on Anti-Aging Secret. Supplements are in fact ideal means to make up for deficiencies in your body and thus slow down the time a bit. I’ll also tell you which ones I take exactly (and there are quite a few :-))! Until Saturday.

x Mo

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