Garmin VIRB 360: a 360 ° camera for spherical videos


  • Overview of the Garmin VIRB 360 camera
  • Features of the VIRB 360 sports camera
  • Characteristics
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€ 799

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Overview of the Garmin VIRB 360 camera

Relive or share your sports experiences with extraordinary quality images and limitless shots thanks to VIRB 360. Announced by Garmin on May 25, this is the first Garmin camera capable of filming at 360 °, it's to say from all angles. Whether the action takes place in front, behind, above or below, you will now not miss any scene! This was not possible with the technology previously used by Garmin.

VIRB camera on bike
VIRB 360 films your sports outings in 360 ° in ultra-high definition

VIRB 360 records your output with a resolution of up to 5.7 K (higher than 4K ultra-high definition TVs) for videos and 15 mega pixels for photos. It is also the first 360 ° camera to offer one-click stabilization for 4K spherical videos. It also has 4 microphones placed around the camera for spatial sound allowing the sensations in the field to be reproduced as faithfully as possible.

The VIRB 360 has 2 lenses, so provides 2 separate recordings. But it is possible to ask it, for 4K videos, to assemble the recordings in real time in order to view your sports exploits live or share them on social networks, without additional effort! (These two actions require a Smartphone). The free VIRB Edit tool also allows you, without special knowledge, to make a personalized ehealth montage.

The icing on the cake, this camera offers new features such as voice control and sharing of videos and photos in real time on Youtube or Facebook (requires a Smartphone and, for live streaming, an Apple device® compatible).

The VIRB 360 is water resistant to 10 meters. You can use it for your nautical activities (canoeing, canyoning, snorkeling, etc.).

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Compact, lightweight, easy to use and voice-activated, the Garmin VIRB 360 records your videos in ultra-HD (up to 5.7 K) and spatial sound. Share your exploits in real time on Youtube or Facebook!

Features of the VIRB 360 sports camera


VIRB 360 camera on tripod
The VIRB 360 has 2 objectives, 4 microphones, a GPS and other sensors

The VIRB 360 is a compact, light, robust and waterproof camera designed to accompany you in all your adventures and sporting exploits. It is fixed on a helmet, a car hood, a windshield or on the tripod delivered with it.

It is equipped with 2 lenses with replaceable lenses and 4 microphones placed around the camera for recording sounds from all angles (360 °).

It has a removable lithium-ion battery. You can take one or more spare batteries for long-term recordings (Garmin announces an autonomy of about 1 hour). It can also be powered by an external source.

360 ° videos so you don't miss any pictures

The VIRB 360 has 2 objectives and offers a 360 ° field of vision (vertically as well as horizontally), that is to say that it is capable of filming or photographing everything around you, from any angle, whether up, down, in front or behind. The camera is thus able to film a complete sphere, all in UHD (ultra-high definition). You will not miss any details since everything around you is filmed.

The camera is able to choose the best viewing angle for rendering on the screen. It is also possible to make it follow a GPS trajectory or a fixed trajectory so that the ehealth capture field remains independent of the movements of the head or the boat (see below the stabilization function) and thus obtain a fluid film, without incessant movements.

Man with camera on canoe
The camera produces spherical videos (360 °) and stabilizes the image to avoid jerks

Since the camera has 2 lenses, there are two separate recordings. To avoid long manual tasks and be able to share videos easily, or even broadcast them in real time, the VIRB 360 automatically assembles videos in 4K / 30ips. This function can be deactivated. For a 5.7 K recording, you will have to manually assemble the 2 videos (RAW format). It is also possible to ask the camera to use only one lens for recording in standard format with fixed frame in full HD at 60 fps and 120 fps.

Stabilization for a smooth rendering and shooting control

The stabilization function, which can be activated by pressing a button, aims to correct the blurring effects linked to camera shake and make the images as stable as possible by leveling the horizon. Thanks to its on-board sensors, the VIRB detects, in real time, the slightest movements of the camera and automatically attenuates the rapid movements of images and vibrations (for example the jolts of a car on a battered road or an exit to Mountain biking). This gives a smooth sequence, without jerks or jerks, even for high resolution (4K) images. See the difference on the ehealth below. There is no photo!

The stabilization function is only available after editing with VIRB mobile or VIRB edit software and only for videos in 4K format assembled directly on the camera.

(embed) (/ embed)
The stabilization function provides a stable and very fluid image

Stabilization also makes it possible to correct the shot according to the movements of the athlete. For example, with locking or GPS tracking mode, the ehealth assembly will automatically consider the right direction despite head movements to the right or left, following a predefined GPS track or the heading of a compass. The camera offers 3 stabilization modes for great flexibility of use. This function is very practical in sports where the camera moves a lot (snowboard, ATV, parachute, snowmobile, canyoning, etc.).

Augmented reality: your route data embedded in the ehealth

G-Metrix data on video
Speed, altitude, G-force and other data can be displayed on your videos

Augmented reality consists in embedding, in the ehealth, the data provided in real time by the GPS and the sensors of the camera (speed, altitude, distance, G force (gravitational), etc.). Garmin calls this the G-Metrix ™. This data can be displayed in figures or graphs and gives your fans a more real idea of ​​your achievement! You will be able to record more data by adding compatible sensors, by your heart rate.

Spatial sound (360 °) for total immersion!

In order to best reproduce the sensations experienced by the sportsman, Garmin placed 4 microphones around his camera. They record sounds in each direction (360 °). We can thus hear what is happening in front, behind and around (its spatial). And if that's not enough, you can add other Bluetooth microphones.

Voice control: activate the camera or take a photo while speaking

Are you going downhill on a mountain bike and want to take a photo or start recording ehealth without releasing the handlebars? Nothing could be simpler, say it to your camera! Thanks to the voice command, you can take pictures without hands, mark a sequence to find it later or save the battery by starting the recording only when necessary. The voice command is disengageable (it must be activated for it to be active) and is available in 8 languages ​​including French.

Create your videos and montages in a few clicks

If you are not a ehealth editing expert, you will like to use the VIRB 360 and the software offered by Garmin! VIRB® Edit is extremely easy to use software to easily edit and personalize your videos. VIRB Edit automatically highlights the highlights of your adventures and can create for you a compilation of ehealth sequences on which you can easily add music, superimpose G-Metrix data (speed, distance, altitude, G force and other data ), add transitions, custom titles, etc. Once finished, you can share your ehealth by uploading it with ease.

VIRB Edit can be downloaded from the Garmin website (VIRB Edit download page).

A smart health connected camera for sharing or broadcasting your exploits in real time!

With the VIRB 360, invite your friends or family to follow your exploits in real time on Youtube or Facebook!

The camera has a "share" button which allows you, via a Smartphone and the free VIRB mobile application (or on PC with the VIRB edit software, see the download link above), to share your photos or videos directly on Facebook and Youtube. You can also select a live streaming mode (live streaming is only available on Apple devices® compatible).

Watch your exploits in virtual reality

For an even greater immersion, you can view your videos with interactive view on Youtube, Facebook, on a tablet or using a virtual reality headset using the free VIRB application and VIRB Edit software.


85 g or 156 g (depending on the bracelet)

39 x 59.3 x 69.8 mm

160 g (133 g without battery)

1:05 a.m.

5.7K 30fps, 5K 30fps, 4K (UHD) 30fps, 3K 60fps, Full HD 60 and 120fps. Photos: 15M

Photo sensitivity
ISO 100 to 6400 (adjustable, annually)

microSD card (128 GB max)

Field of view
360 °

GPS, accelerometer, barometer, compass, gyroscope, 4 microphones

10 ATM

Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, ANT +, NFC

ehealth, Travelapse

Android, Apple

Anti-reflective screen readable in direct sunlight, tripod included

10 ATM

Our opinion on the Garmin VIRB 360 camera

We have not tested this camera which is not yet available on the market. These indications are based on our analysis of the camera characteristics and press information published by Garmin.

The VIRB 360 is a camera which should cause a sensation thanks to its exceptional characteristics (360 ° film, spatial sound, ultra high definition), its practical voice control, the sharing of videos in real time on Youtube or Facebook and its great simplicity. 'use. Its high price, certainly justified by the quality of this device, can nevertheless make the general public hesitate to take the step. On the other hand, it should interest professionals who will find a more than complete camera.

  • Films in 360 ° (spherical videos)
  • Ultra-HD (up to 5.7K)
  • Image stabilization and trajectory tracking (GPS, compass)
  • Augmented reality and numerous sensors
  • Voice command
  • Compact, light, robust
  • Spatial sound (4 microphones)
  • Sun-readable screen
  • Ultra-simple ehealth editing and use
  • Real-time sharing
The lessers
  • No live preview without Smartphone
  • Battery life (in the average however with 1h05)
  • Price

Availability and price

The VIRB 360 was launched in 2017 at the price of € 799.99.

Price (from)

€ 799

Commercial links. Non contractual prices. Please consult the merchant website.

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