From sculpture to Crystal, creative massages with 4 hands – anti-aging the anti-aging guide anti-wrinkles anti-aging aesthetic medicine

From sculpture to Crystal, creative massages with 4 hands – anti-aging the anti-aging guide anti-wrinkles anti-aging aesthetic medicine

Here is a particularly original well-being treatment. Two artists Karinn Helbert, musician, and Nathalie Bouet, sculptor, have imagined a new type of four-handed massage. One massages while the other plays the Cristal, a refined musical instrument with a bewitching melody.

Each massage lasts 1 hour. Unique, because dedicated to everyone, it begins with a verbal contact with the patient in order to define his expectations. Then, the session takes place, the musician and the sculptress answering each other in order to accompany the treatment. Quickly a lightness settles and a great softness invades the body and the spirit. The music transports, relaxes, soothes and the hands reassure, envelop, heal. A real balm, the gestures of each respond to each other and form a four-handed symphony. The body fragmented by time, tensions, illness finds itself unified, becomes one. At the rhythm of improvisation, the music responds and dialogues with the gesture. The harmony of Crystal sculpts time, gestures the body…

The creative aspect of this work in pairs is essential for the subject because it stimulates the imagination and brings a sacred dimension which allows pain to be relativized and illness to be tamed.

One of our readers testifies: “Having a rare disease, I had the chance to test this treatment which brought me deep and lasting relaxation. This disease from which I suffer is to this day chronic and it is essential for me to live with prospects allowing me to be accompanied in this difficulty. And of course, to be relieved as often as possible. Extreme fatigue with rheumatic pain associated with violent headaches are my daily lot and this treatment is now one of my soothing points of reference. »

For Karinn Helbert and Nathalie Bouet who provide this treatment: “This particular vibration of the Cristal Baschet received by the body is like a signal of harmonization. This sound played live, bringing purity, calls on the cellular memory to regain its harmonizing and soothing power, while the massage reunites each part of the body. The music widens and opens the space allowing a faster letting go and an immediate relaxation which promotes energy healing. The sound of the Cristal Baschet vibrates very deeply bringing global relaxation. It allows us to connect to high vibrational frequencies and provides true inner healing. This is why we have chosen to be two in the treatment room with the Crystal played live for you by Karinn Helbert; in order to give you the best of crystalline vibration mixed with the touch of the specific care offered by Nathalie Bouet”.

Instrument developed in 1952 by brothers Bernard and François Baschet. it belongs to the family of sound structures (sculptures) which uses the acoustic principle of the vibration of a glass rod. The wet fingers slide on glass bows vibrating metal axes whose sound is collected then acoustically amplified by fiberglass cones and a large metal plate. “The vibratory and aquatic quality of this instrument radiates by producing sounds of frequencies so pure that they come to register in the heart of the flesh”

Treatment duration: 1h15 Contacts: 06 63 65 67 99

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