Forges Hotel, Forges-les-Eaux – France

Forges Hotel, Forges-les-Eaux – France

“Le Forges Hôtel” by serge Trigano, in Forges les Eaux.

Located 1h30 from Paris, 35 min from Rouen and 45 min from the Coast, Forges les Eaux in Pays de Bray is full of historical treasures to discover and walks and hikes in the countryside, to do on foot or by bike, in unique landscapes. , made up of hilly pastures and bocages…. Many craftsmen and organic farmers have also come to settle there in order to perpetuate forgotten know-how.

Popular seaside resort at 17ème by virtue of its ferruginous waters, Queen Anne of Austria accompanied by her husband King Louis XIII and Cardinal Richelieu, would have stayed there far from royal protocol, but still taking with them a good part of the court.

The stay of these “water drinkers” would have lasted three weeks, the idea being that the queen was slow to give birth, regained her health and vigor thanks to the reputedly prodigious “waters” of Forges, and above all finally gave the king an heir, this was a success, 5 years later… but not the least, since it will be the birth of the flamboyant Louis XIV. The sources then, forever kept the imprint of this royal visit, they were rightly named “La Reinette”, “La Royale”, and “La Cardinale” This anecdote thus illustrates “royally” this place where from now on the waters do not are no longer exploited, but where the old-fashioned charm of this seaside town lives on. Other celebrities then stayed there (Madame de Sévigné, Saint Simon, Marivaux, Napoleon, etc.).

After the revolution, the bourgeoisie seized the place and settled there, then during the 19th century, medicine made enormous progress, consequently the standards of hygiene changed and the waters were covered. But the resort was reborn in 1840, because the first casino and a spa were built there.

This reputation prompted the Partouche Group to open a casino there in the 1980s at the same time as the Trigano Group set up there, just opposite, in the heart of a magnificent wooded park, a 4-star hotel with a 700 m2 spa.

The spa, this universe dedicated to calm and relaxation, benefits from brand new facilities, an indoor swimming pool, a jacuzzi and hammam, the staff is trained in all massage and beauty treatment techniques.

most : The presence of a physiotherapist, and a sports coach who offers tailor-made relaxation or stretch Yoga sessions, according to your needs.

By Nathalie Jouault


Avenue des Sources – 76440 Forges-Les-Eaux

Tel: +33 2 32 89 50 57 Fax: +33 2 32 89 50 49

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