Fitness for your face† What a brilliant title! You train your legs, buttocks and stomach, but why not your face? Lynn Ragetli also asked herself this question. She has always been interested in strengthening the muscles of the face and she has now bundled her findings in her first book: “Fitness for your face“.

Of course Anti Aging is there like the chickens when there is something new in the field of anti-aging. Especially when it comes to a natural form of wrinkle control. So with great interest we have read Lynn’s book.

The book begins with an introductory chapter, which explains how the muscles in your face work. It also emphasizes the importance of using hyaluronic acid. This fabric keeps the skin moist and young and healthy (and we totally agree!). Perfect to stimulate the skin with this before you start the exercises.

Then the rest of the book. Here and there are useful tips to prevent wrinkles. For example, that you have to go through life like a swan watching over its young (so with a long neck). Gives a much better posture and you delay the formation of neck folds. Check!

Furthermore, the book is conveniently divided by focus area. Do you suffer from hamster cheeks? Then read the so-called pink zone. Do you have a prominent double chin? Continue to purple. All exercises are explained on the basis of photos with a textual explanation. The aim is to achieve a natural wrinkle correction within 30 days with the exercises. Nice!

In principle, the exercises are suitable for everyone: women and men, young and old. In short, a funny book for those who are interested in the delay of lines and other signs of age.

Lynn Ragetli, Fitness for your face 16.95 euros

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