Fight against dark circles with aesthetic medicine and cosmetics – anti-aging the anti-aging guide anti-wrinkles anti-aging medecine esthetique

Fight against dark circles with aesthetic medicine and cosmetics – anti-aging the anti-aging guide anti-wrinkles anti-aging medecine esthetique

By Nadia Leonardi

Whether fatigue or stress, several factors increase the risk of dark circles appearing. Injections, devices and creams will help you reduce them.

Mainly due to poor blood circulation in this area, the appearance of dark circles is characterized by a change in color turning to blue/gray around the contours of the eye as well as sometimes the creation of pockets containing water. The skin remains marked. A restful sleep will remain the best way to fight against this discomfort. During sleep, cell regeneration and the increase in immune defenses are facilitated by hormone secretions, in particular growth hormones. The circadian cycle preserves a multitude of biological functions essential to the proper functioning of the body. Sleep is therefore naturally a preventive measure against the appearance of dark circles. Dark circles being a microcirculation problem, a massage every morning on the eyelids will reactivate blood and lymphatic drainage and will help fight against darkening due to the appearance of dark circles.

But dark circles may in some cases not be linked to a lack of sleep but to too thin a skin thickness in the orbital region, revealing the bluish veins. In this case, invasive treatments are the best ways to fight against this kind of problem.

Injections: lipofilling, hyaluronic acid and PRP

After having extracted, like a liposuction, the fat from a part of the body, these fatty deposits are reinjected into the orbital contour. This technique is most often done under local anesthesia and requires one to two sessions.

The injection of hyaluronic acid or polyacrilamide fills hollow dark circles, characterized among other things by a brown color and the appearance of a greasy bead. This treatment, despite the fact that it is invasive and needs to be performed by a professional because the area is very sensitive, has a duration of effectiveness of 6 to 12 months. Skinboosters can also be well suited to the peri-ocular region because they will durably rehydrate the eyelids and the eye contour with an effect of around 6 months.

PRP (or injection of platelet extracts) is a technique that revitalizes the skin of the face. Following a blood test, the blood platelets are concentrated, which are activated and reinjected. These platelets will, after a sequence of biological cascades, generate a new tissue to fill in the dark circles.

Devices: LEDs and lasers

Thanks to the presence of LEDs, Skin’Eclipse technology makes it possible to better penetrate the active ingredients into the dermis to effectively combat skin hyperpigmentation, including dark circles. A range of products specific to each skin type will provide an adapted, personalized and non-invasive treatment. This concealer treatment uses a specific lightening solution on the dark circle whose active ingredients will penetrate thanks to a back and forth movement of the handpiece. This will allow, by a drainage effect combined with a depigmenting action, the lightening of dark circles.

Several centers offer treatments against dark circles using lasers. There is a different treatment for each type of dark circles. For example, the KTP vascular laser will make it possible to fight against dark circles characterized by a red coloration. These treatments are reliable but the period of effectiveness can be long.

Creams: plant active ingredients, peeling and vitamins

Some active ingredients fight against dark circles such as pectin or polyin, contained in cornflower water. Vitamin active ingredients are also a good way to nourish the skin and restore its elasticity and radiance. Moisturizing creams nourish the dermis and therefore reduce dark circles. The trichloroacetic acid peel decreases the visibility of the microcirculation of the skin by thickening the skin and generates orbital skin development. We chose Nivea Aqua sensation, an anti-puffiness and concealer which, with innovative active ingredients, fights fatigue and gives the skin a feeling of well-being. Cernor by Auriga is a skincare range, resulting from research on vitamin k oxide. Once the concealer has been applied to the skin, the metabolite of vitamin k lightens the color of dark circles thanks to its action on the capillary wall of the vessels. The products also have a property of reflecting incident light, thus giving a less transparent appearance to the skin of the eyelids, with attenuation of their dark appearance. More specifically, Spot Peel from the Dermaceutic laboratory will treat brown pigmented dark circles. Applied to the eye contour, the product is rinsed off after a quick application and followed by an intense depigmenting treatment which should be rinsed off after six hours. On the camouflage side, many concealers are applied after the foundation. Opt for a lighter shade that will illuminate your eyes at the same time. Finally, for the eye contour, a mask concentrated in active ingredients will have an immediate and visible effect. It most often acts by decongesting the affected area.

Finally, for those who have tested everything? Try in bulk the tea bag, ice cubes, 2 frozen spoons, a massage around the eyes and the famous cucumber slices, the best course being to stop smoking, stop going out, sleep well.

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