EYELIFT OR NO EYELIFT? – Anti-Aging Secret

EYELIFT OR NO EYELIFT?  – Anti-Aging Secret

I don’t know about your eyelids, but mine have found their way south, you know….. Especially when I’m tired, they hang on my cheeks, so to speak. Should I still believe in an eyelid correction? Or do I boldly choose to let them dangle ‘au naturel’?

We all get older, that’s a fact. Besides having more candles on your birthday cake, this unfortunately also means that you start to look a little less fresh and fruity. You can accept this tough, but you can also invest in all the tools that are available. Cosmeceutials, laser and cosmetic procedures are becoming more and more common these days in the fight against general decay.

But where do you draw the line? What do you do and what not? For example, you have the Plexr as an intermediate step, to get your eyelids back in line. Then they burn the skin away, but I think that’s going too far. Let alone if you allow yourself to be cut. Moreover, once you start doing that, where does it stop? Following is the approach to a slackening jawline and hamster cheeks using the knife? You will eventually lose the battle against gravity, no matter how many meters of excess skin you let off.

I also think it’s scary if they take a piece away from you. Genetic material that has been attached to you since you were born is then expertly eliminated forever and ever by someone in a white coat. I don’t want to think about what exactly it is after that, but that aside. By the way, I’ve never had myself cut.

Look, this is what I mean

Cutting without medical necessity in a healthy body, is that really necessary? In addition, I always tell my daughters that you are good just the way you are. How am I going to explain to those questioning eyes that mom is quite happy with herself, but not with her sagging eyelids anymore? In addition: is it now really needed? Or do I introduce myself, perhaps infected by the beauty world in which I have been active as a blogger for 3 years now? In the beauty scene, it is not uncommon to occasionally go under the knife for beautiful new breasts, buttocks or trimmed eyelids. Not to mention the countless celebs leading the operative example. For example, Maxima has also had a remarkably fresh and open look since a few years, compared to photos from her early courtship with Wim-Lex. Check it out.

On the other hand, in the ‘normal’ world I hear more and more often about eyelid corrections. Friends, relatives and vague acquaintances have done it or are going to do it. It all seems to be going very well in terms of surgery. So am I just going to squeal when I say I hesitate, when my eyelids are bothering me every day? I also know where to go for the best results, so that doesn’t have to be an obstacle. But the little voice in me that can name the negative sides is still the loudest. Soon it will fail and from now on I can stroll through life like an unnaturally tight Barbie…..

You hear it; I’m not sure yet. For the time being, I’ll just look at it for a while and then close my eyes when I’m on a photo with those lousy viewers again. Moreover, here in France I have sunglasses on about 24/7, so that makes a difference, haha!

x Mo

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