Espaciel will launch a smart reflector that will illuminate your health home

You are probably familiar with Espaciel light reflectors. But do you know the brand’s smart reflector? If I’m telling you about it today, it’s because the company has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo. On this occasion, I also carried out a small Review of one of the Espaciel products at health home. I’ll tell you more in the rest of the article!

Presentation of Espaciel

Besides the simple fact of having more light in your health home, know that natural light is an essential source of well-being, comfort and vitality. Exposure to sunlight has been shown to increase the brain’s release of serotonin, the happiness hormone. It also promotes the natural supply of vitamin D in the body, a key factor in maintaining good health.

Espaciel light reflectors instantly improve the natural light in dark rooms. Equipped with a highly reflective pivoting surface, Espaciel reflectors allow daylight to be directed in the desired direction and thus increase the natural light in your health home in a simple and intuitive way.

light reflector test review

The reflector is placed in front of a window and you can choose the solution that suits you from the three available models: attached to the balcony railing, attached to the exterior window sill or placed on the interior window sill. In addition to the window range, the brand also offers a garden reflector which is motorized and usable with a remote control.

For the record, in 2006, Alexi Hervé living in a dark apartment, wondered how to bring in the sunlight that was passing in the street. After several months of tests in his kitchen and numerous prototypes hanging from the windows of his house and those of his friends, he took the plunge and created Espaciel in 2013.

My Review of the Espaciel light reflector

In order to familiarize myself with their products, the brand sent me a classic window light reflector. And I might as well tell you that I did not make it easy for them. Living in a classified place, I cannot do anything on my facades; and especially drilling old stones to install a socket or fix anything.

Initially, I was to receive a motorized reflector but having no electrical connection, we decided to install the classic window light reflector. But I don’t have regular windows either. So we fumbled a bit to find the right reflector that adapts well to the width but also the depth of my window. Thanks again to the Espaciel teams who provided good advice. Also, the brand website was able to answer all of my questions. It is very well done and explains perfectly how it works, how to choose the right product and how to install it well.

The window light reflector

Speaking of installation, let’s move on to mine. Frankly, it couldn’t be simpler! It’s child’s play. It only took a few minutes to install the Espaciel reflector.

I only needed 5 short minutes to assemble the different elements and put them on my window.

Espaciel 1 light reflector test

Fixing the support on the Espaciel reflector

Espaciel 3 light reflector test

Attaching the support bar

Espaciel 4 light reflector test

Adjustment of the nut to stabilize the fixing bar

Espaciel 2 light reflector test

Fixing on the bar

Now here is the result once the installation is complete. The most important thing at this stage is to slide the reflector properly in order to reflect as much light as possible inside your health home.

light reflector test review 7

light reflector test review 6

Why not put a mirror in place of the reflector?

The light reflector is not a simple mirror but a high-tech product. It was developed to provide perfectly pure natural light; and in complete safety. The Espaciel Reflector is also equipped with an anti-glare kit which ensures optimal visual comfort.

In addition, it is designed to last more than 10 years in outdoor conditions: in the rain, in the snow, in the wind… and to retain all of its reflective properties. Finally, you can imagine, it is also a question of security.

The smart reflector in crowdfunding

Now let’s move on to the brand’s latest innovation: a smart reflector. Currently in crowdfunding, Espaciel wants you to gain up to ten times more light, all day long. The Smart Reflector illuminates your health home 24 hours a day, as long as the sun is shining. To do so, it is equipped with innovative solar tracking technology. Everything is patented and was born after several years of intense R&D and the desire to create the best solar tracking device.

It is equipped with a solar sensor and a dual axis motor to follow the movements of the sun in real time. It is made of stainless steel and aluminum. This reflector therefore combines noble materials and techniques for a modern and practical household lighting device, designed to last.

The smart reflector redirects the sun’s rays into your health home to illuminate your room all day. Unlike the product I tested, which unfortunately cannot work miracles when the sun is not pointing on it.

smart reflector in crowdfunding

Whether you live in an apartment, house, loft, etc; no problem ! The Espaciel smart reflector adapts perfectly to any type of health home thanks to its easy and adjustable installation.

Installation of the Espaciel smart reflector

But then, how is the reflector installed? Simply attach the adjustable Espaciel smart reflector to its supplied bracket, wherever you want to capture and diffuse the sun rays you are looking for.

Installation of the Espaciel smart reflector

Then install your reflector on your lawn or patio or attach it to a nearby wall or railing. Espaciel offers you a solution adapted to the space you need. Compact and discreet, the Smart Reflector remains hidden from view while ensuring maximum sunlight and clarity. Obviously, you will need a minimum of space in terms of length and depth in order to use the product optimally.

Installation of the Espaciel smart reflector

The larger the reflective surface, the more light there is. The sun emits around 20,000 lux in winter and 100,000 lux in summer. Your needs may therefore change depending on the season. A compact surface of 35 x 60 cm is sufficient to illuminate a room of 20 to 30 m2. A surface of 35 x 100 cm is perfectly suited to medium-sized rooms of 30 to 40 m2. Thus, with its dimensions of 50 x 120 cm, the Espaciel smart reflector can illuminate a large living space of 40 to 60 m2.

If the Espaciel smart reflector, go to Indiegogo. It is available from 599 euros.


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