It’s time for the Pop-up Store of Anti Aging again. This time we offer the stage to Marguérite van Randwijck, who will tell us everything about making unsightly lines around your cleavage disappear. She is a renowned cosmetic doctor who works according to the ‘no trace’ concept. Marguerite, we are curious!

This is how you make cleavage lines disappear

Décolleté lines…From the age of 39ste they stay in your skin longer and longer. Where they disappear on their own about 5 minutes after getting up, they just stay in your skin for good a few years later. Normal aging in combination with sun damage from the past (well, the skin around your cleavage is often more sensitive to light) sometimes makes your cleavage look like the well-known smock dress from the past. And that can sometimes make your summer or evening dress a little less charming.

Hyaluronic Acid Micro Injections with Restylane Skinbooster

Fortunately, you can make these lines disappear quite easily by having your skin treated with hyaluronic acid micro injections. Restylane Skinbooster is the perfect treatment for this. Restylane Skinbooster is a water-thin hyaluronic acid that is applied to the skin with a super-thin needle by the cosmetic doctor. It has a purely firming effect on the skin and reduces fine lines. It’s like applying a day cream into the skin. Skinbooster consists of hyaluronic acid, a substance produced by the body. This hyaluronic acid exists in different thicknesses. The thicker the hyaluronic acid, the firmer the gel. Restylane Perlane, for example, is a firm filler that mimics natural fat in the event of volume loss in the face. The Skinbooster is much thinner and therefore suitable for the skin.

Immediately a smoother and more beautiful skin

Think of Restylane Skinbooster as a day cream that you put into your skin. It spreads by itself. It waters your skin and stimulates fibroblasts and collagen formation. This immediately gives you a smoother and more beautiful skin. Small lines and dry skin disappear like snow in the sun. You can also have it applied on the neck, face (cheek lines) or on the hands, making the skin firmer there too.

Tracking twice a year

The Skinbooster treatment is done with small injections. It takes half an hour for the décolleté. The treatment is repeated after two weeks, because the gel is very thin. That way it is well built. The treatment is repeated after four months. Then you can keep up with it by coming back once every six months.

Ideal for dry skin.

The Restylane Skinbooster treatment is especially suitable for dryness lines. Hyaluronic acid pushes out the scars, making the skin smooth again. We also sometimes alternate this treatment with a peeling, which gives an even better effect on aging skin.


Restylane Skinbooster is a very safe treatment. There are hardly any side effects. You can sometimes get a bruise from the injections. Or the skin may be slightly swollen the next day. It goes away after two days. You will immediately see a younger, fresher cleavage with stronger skin! Make sure that you have the treatment performed by a certified NVCG doctor. And because DOCTORS AT SOAP doctors always work according to our No Trace Face protocol, we also ensure that everything remains No Trace. Would you like to know more about the Skinbooster treatment for décolleté, neck or face or our No Trace Face technique? Book online or call (020-6730506) for a free consultation with one of our doctors at DOCTORS AT SOAP.

Marguérite van Randwijck, cosmetic doctor

The Hague-Amsterdam-Rotterdam-Eindhoven-Utrecht

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