eliminate to evacuate toxins

eliminate to evacuate toxins

At all times, different medicines have recommended methods of purging, drainages and various eliminations. Traditions also recommend treatments to eliminate toxins such as sauna, friction with plants, draining massages, enemas, etc.

Today, scientific studies on the subject of anti-aging and longevity allow us to better understand the interest of these methods. The famous “toxins” are now defined and classified. We also know how our organs, and in particular our liver, work to get rid of them.

Some techniques proposed more recently are perhaps more akin to a “new age” fashion effect and their actions have difficulty in being based on scientific bases. We won’t talk about it.

Integral anti-aging medicine selects and rationalizes the use of elimination treatments. Here, a detox cure must first adapt to everyone according to their constitution. It combines several complementary methods, and is inspired by the “cure of 5 eliminations” of Ayurvedic Medicine.

Methods of eliminating toxins

These methods are applied jointly in establishments offering detox cures. If you don’t have the time or the money to stay there, it is quite possible to use them yourself. Here are the treatments. You will read below how to use them in practice.

– detoxifying remedies:

These are preparations aimed above all at strengthening the detoxification work of the liver (our 1st organ for neutralizing and eliminating toxins). They can also, depending on the case, stimulate the functions of renal elimination (diuretics) or intestinal (laxatives).

They generally include so-called “draining” plants but also micronutrients and antioxidants that play an important role in the phases of detoxification by the liver (certain vitamins, amino acids, trace elements, etc.). The wise therapist chooses them according to the needs of each patient.

– sweating:

Widely used in the tradition of well-being and health (sauna, hammam, heated tents and boxes, very hot baths, etc.) and also against certain diseases, sweating would eliminate certain toxins through the sweat and sebaceous glands of the skin. skin.

The rise in temperature of fatty tissue activates its metabolism and cellular exchanges. We know that body fat is one of the main places of storage toxic substances and pollutants that we wish to eliminate.

The heat also dilates the vessels, promoting the circulation of fluids (blood and lymph) to the emunctory organs (elimination).

– drainage massages:

Deep massages, like lymphatic drainage, aim to mobilize the toxins deposited in the different tissues, and to promote exchanges. For example, a deep muscle massage drains certain metabolic waste products such as lactic acid into the bloodstream after intense physical exercise.

– the water treatment: does drinking a lot of water help clean-19049_640something ?

As a general rule, most people don’t drink enough, and are frequently mildly dehydrated. Increasing your water ration (reasonably) is therefore often beneficial. It will promote the work of the liver and kidney. Plus, drinking good water can help slow down aging.

When it comes to absorbing a large quantity of water in a few minutes, scientific studies have shown that renal filtration is then greatly increased. This allows the elimination of many toxins in the urine: toxins water soluble (those that dissolve in water). The other so-called “fat-soluble” toxins must pass through the bile of the liver.

– irrigations and hydrotherapies:

Nasal enemas and instillations previously used in traditional medicine (especially Ayurvedic) are often replaced today by sinus washes and colon hydrotherapies. They aim to restore the integrity of mucous membranes (and their “biofilms”) which have natural elimination functions that can become disrupted or exceeded.

Scientific studies are few. However, it must be said that in practice, the improvements made are frequent when care is well employed. It should also be noted that thermal medicine uses them commonly in certain diseases.

For colonic irrigations, it is difficult to give a definite opinion on the question. There are fierce detractors as well as die-hard supporters. Everyone will do according to their sensitivity and above all, it is necessary to contact competent therapists.

Nevertheless, simple enemas with decoctions of plants are often beneficial, if only by helping transit in people who need it (a common thing these days). Note that these treatments are to be used according to each case. The advice of a therapist can be useful.

The detoxification cure (detox cure) in practice

Combine detoxifying treatments during the cure

During a cure, we first adopt a diet low in toxins and rich in antioxidants (hypotoxic diet you will find here). It is associated with remedies stimulating the organs of elimination, herbal (such as milk thistle, fumitory, dandelion, barberry…). These remedies are chosen according to each person’s needs, just like the complementary treatments seen above, according to the organs of elimination to be particularly stimulated. The use of pure drinking water with low mineral content is recommended.

The sweating can be done in a sauna, hammam or, if it is difficult, in a hot bath or by practicing a little exercise, warmly dressed. One to three sessions per week depending on the possibilities of each. Note that a person in a state of great fatigue may not tolerate this type of care and will rather seek the advice of a competent therapist in the matter.

I’physical exercise Moderate outdoors, to improve oxygenation, blood and lymphatic circulation, is ideal during this phase.

If we have the opportunity to afford massage, they will always be welcome. They promote blood and lymphatic microcirculation, reduce stress and promote energy production in our cells (by increasing the number of mitochondria), among other benefits. The type of massage is also to be adapted according to the constitution of each (slow and not too strong for the catabolic types (vata in Ayurveda), fast and strong for the anabolic types (Kapha in Ayurveda) and intermediate for the metabolic types (Pitta in Ayurveda), according to tradition in Ayurvedic medicine (see your constitution here ).

According to other alternative medicines, periods of fasting, intermittent fasting, or monodiet (eating a single type of food) more or less long are recommended during these detoxification cures. Fasting certainly has countless health benefits, but this is another chapter (fasting and regenerating autophagy). The hypotoxic diet seen above is easy to follow, and already brings a lot.

Finally, let’s not forget the calm and peace of mind. It is also a detoxification of all this pollution of the senses that we know today in our modern and overly digitalized societies. SMS, television, radio, permanent music, emails, telephones grafted on us, spirit of competition, advertisements making us believe that we lack material things, etc… Very often, it is an excess and a pollution for our brain. Let’s give him some rest during this cure.

After the restriction phase: party!

In a second step, after this somewhat restrictive detox phase, a richer and happier diet recharges the body with essential nutrients. This is recommended to avoid deficiencies, and facilitate the revival of vital functions.

This is a great principle of the Ayurvedic detox cure which is done in 2 stages (restriction then reward) which are completely logical: first the body is cleansed and then it is recharged with essential nutrients with foods rich in micronutrients. It will be different for each person because some foods will be more recommended than others. according to your constitution.

When to do a detox cure to be in shape or for anti-aging?

Let’s say between 1 and 2 times a year. Ayurveda advocates 2 times. In fact, it depends on each person’s condition and temperament. It’s all about thinking about it. On the other hand, there is no need to fall into excess or obsession with the purity of the body as we see some. In medio veritas (the truth is in the middle)!

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