Droopy eyelids: read all about how it develops here

Droopy eyelids: read all about how it develops here

Heavy or drooping upper eyelids

Do you suffer from drooping eyelids? Do they feel like they are hanging on your cheeks and are you curious how that comes about? Then quickly read part 1 of the series about heavy or drooping eyelids by cosmetic doctor Annemarie van Rosmalen.

Part 1: cause and complaints of drooping eyelids

What do you see in the mirror if the upper eyelids are too heavy or start to droop?

  • Tired look
  • Raised eyebrows and lines on the forehead
  • sad look
  • No more moving upper eyelid
  • smudge makeup
  • No more fresh, sleepy glance

What do you feel when the upper eyelids droop?

  • Heaviness of the eyelids
  • Applying make-up is difficult
  • You look at your eyelids; have a limited field of view and less widescreen vision
  • Lenses can shift
  • Headache
  • Mostly tired eyes at night

What causes drooping eyelids?

When the eyebrows drop, the upper eyelids hang on the eyelashes.
The eyebrows droop because the muscles between the eyebrows and the sphincter around the eyes pull the eyebrows down.
There can also be volume loss of the fat and bone tissue around the eye sockets on the forehead and in the temples. As a result, the eyebrows no longer have support from the fat and bone tissue and they sag. Hollowing of the temples and the area above the eyebrows is the normal aging process. In men in particular, eyebrows are more often lower than in women.
Finally, the skin all over the face loses elasticity and with it the skin of the upper eyelids, which then becomes thinner and more droopy.

Are all upper eyelids the same?

There are puffy upper eyelids, so thick and swollen eyelids, where the arcade arch is almost never visible. Some have this from an early age. More often this is also combined with moisture around the eyes, which can make it feel heavier one day than the next.
You can also have overhanging skin where the arcade arch is visible and the skin hangs in several folds. In addition, the skin appears more slack than with the thick puffy eyelids.
In addition, the fat that is in the eye socket can protrude forward as a kind of ball or swelling. Usually this is best visible in the corner of the eye near the nose. Somewhat similar to the fat that can protrude like a rampart at the lower eyelids.
Finally, some have very hollow eyes or deep-set eyes, which makes everyone slightly different, so that the treatment must always be tailor-made.


Next month part 2 with, among other things, an answer to the question what helps without a surgical procedure. However, if you cannot wait that long, please contact us for a no-obligation consultation at the Van Rosmalen clinic.


Annemarie van Rosmalen

cosmetic doctor

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