Drain to slim down and in weight loss

Drain to slim down and in weight loss

By stimulating your elimination capacities, weight loss is often done in better conditions, but you shouldn’t do it haphazardly. Give yourself diarrhea with laxatives or use medication diuretics to lose weight is inappropriate and aberrant. On the other hand, many obese or simply overweight people are in excess of toxins. Their elimination organs are often overwhelmed or tired.

In addition, by losing weight, the fat eliminated releases the fat-soluble toxins that were stored there. These then pass into the bloodstream, overloading the work of the emunctory organs and presenting a health risk.

Warning: the first thing to do when you want to drain your body of its toxins is to stop clogging it. This means: reducing your diet to let the digestive system breathe, or adopting a “hypotoxic” diet, or even practicing intermittent fasting that works well. In any case, do not think that simply taking a detox mixture will fix everything and make you lose weight.

Drink, drain, eliminate!

Weight-loss miracle products and common sense

You have been told that to lose weight, you have to eliminate. Indeed, “drainers” or “draining” products activate the body’s elimination systems to help it evacuate its toxins and metabolic waste. However, beware: the slimming drainage » does not eliminate the extra pounds on its own! Manufacturers often present these slimming products (often herbal but not always) as panaceas that would work miracles in weight loss as soon as the natural elimination pathway is unblocked.

In most cases, the activation of the elimination functions of the body is useful when one is overweight. However, the simple daily intake of a drainer will not automatically make you lose weight. It can promote your weight loss if you understand its interest.

How can a drainer help slim down?

In reality, a drainer will not directly eliminate your superfluous fat but it can help your organs of elimination of toxic waste in their work. A body that cleanses itself of its toxins always works better and will promote a better balance, in particular for:

  • The hormonal system : this will help you burn your calories better and store less fat and water,
  • the energy system : this will give you more energy available for the movements and functioning of the body (there will therefore be fewer calories left to store),
  • the digestive system : which will better regulate your functions of assimilation and elimination of nutrients and digestive waste.

The waste and/or toxin elimination systems are essentially the urinary and digestive tracts. The elimination of certain substances is also done by perspiration and breathing but we will not talk about it here (more info with our explanations on toxins and their elimination).

Main properties of drainers in slimming


They activate kidney function and therefore the elimination of water, nitrogen waste (urea, uric acid) and certain mineral salts.

Remember that only the elimination of excess water is desirable. This can happen in cases of edematous cellulite, with infiltration of the lower body and a tendency to swelling (especially of the legs and feet: oedema). Apart from these cases, taking diuretic drugs will only cause you to lose a few liters of water (therefore a few kilos) and will lead to dangerous dehydration. These pounds will come back quickly anyway, as soon as the drugs are stopped.

drainageCholagogue and hepatic drainers

They activate the function of the liver and gallbladder, that is, the digestion of fats and the elimination by bile of the main toxins from the blood. They can be interesting in weight problems (or obesity) with digestive disorders (slow digestion, constipation, heaviness, bloating, etc.).

Stimulants of pancreatic functions

They also aim to improve digestion, especially of fats. In particular, they help the pancreas to produce more digestive juices rich in digestive enzymes. They can be indicated in overweight people with marked digestive disorders and in particular slow digestion with bloating, heaviness, reflux…

Mild laxatives

They activate the intestinal transit and the elimination of stools which should be done every day, in a healthy person. A transit that is too slow promotes the reabsorption of toxins eliminated by the liver and a greater absorption of nutrients and therefore calories.

The great classics of slimming drainage

Here are some products or plants that are found in a large number of draining preparations, to help lose weight:

Draining plants to lose weight

  • dandelion : it is both a mild diuretic and a stimulant of intestinal transit through its action on the liver and the bile ducts. Bile production activates transit and improves constipation.
  • slimming drainage plantsthe fucus: it is an algae which would act above all by stimulating caloric combustion (thanks to the iodine it contains, it activates the thyroid) but which also has a favorable action on intestinal transit.
  • horsetail: has above all a diuretic action, it is also remineralising.
  • orthosiphon: is an interesting mild diuretic and also cholagogue (it activates the gallbladder).
  • green tea: is one of the draining products due to its diuretic properties. Rich in caffeine, it also proves to be a tonic and activator of the burning and elimination of fat (lipolysis).
  • the work : it makes you urinate more and therefore stimulates the kidneys.
  • fennel : it stimulates digestion, fights heaviness in the stomach and bloating. It has an interesting diuretic effect for water retention and the tendency to edema.

Products often used to aid in slimming

  • arginine: it is an amino acid which stimulates above all the liver and in particular its function of eliminating toxic substances. It would also have a moderating effect on appetite.
  • probiotics: these are good bacteria that help improve the intestinal bacterial flora. This flora participates in the absorption and elimination at the level of the wall of the intestine. Studies have shown that disturbances of the intestinal flora are linked to obesity. But beware, in some cases, used indiscriminately, probiotics can actually make you fat. It’s about balancing…

Anti-Aging Integral advice, what you are not often told:

Studies have shown that appetite is reduced and weight loss is easier when essential vitamin and nutrient deficiencies were remedied. Indeed, if it lacks nutrients, the body will seek to fill its gaps by increasing the appetite and its quantities of food. Nutritional deficiencies are often present in overweight patients (study published in 2013 on the Swiss Medical Review).

Conversely, restoring levels of essential vitamins, minerals and other nutrients promotes decreased appetite. To lose weight, you can therefore ensure that you are not lacking in essential nutrients.

How to take drainers in slimming?

When should you take draining products to lose weight?

When an eliminative function is disturbed. This stimulates her. It is often useful, in the context of weight loss, to stimulate urinary elimination, intestinal transit or even digestion and the bile ducts.

Likewise, it can be useful when the fat is more bothersome by the places where it accumulates than by its quantity. In fact, these figure problems are often linked to specific health problems, apart of course from dietary errors (see below).

If it is true that the slowing down of these functions tends to promote weight gain, it is obvious that their reactivation must be accompanied by dietary rules to really help with weight loss.

Drainers and morpho-obesity: to lose weight in the right places

slim down in the right placeSeveral authors have described different types of weight gain, each of which corresponds to disturbed functions in the body. So, depending on how fat gets deposited on your body, some drainers are going to be more helpful than others.

Here is a very summarized view of this concept and the usable drainers:

  • gynoid (lower body) weight gain: generally accentuated by a strong estrogenic hormonal background, it promotes water retention and the slowing down of caloric combustion. The favorable drainers are the diuretic plantsthe Yam for its progesterone-mimicking effects and metabolic activators like fucus.
  • android weight gain (upper body): often accompanied by digestive disorders and excess cholesterol. Useful drainers are the stimulants of the functions liverworts and pancreaticeven the natural laxatives in case of slow transit.
  • abdominal weight gain with bloating: it often accompanies a predisposition to diabetes. The pancreatic drainers and cholagogues are interesting in this case, by monitoring the glycemic index of foods.
  • weight gain on limbs with micro-circulatory disorders: here it is the blood micro-circulation of the capillary vessels that we must try to improve. The drainers have no real interest except the natural drainers like physical activity, walking…

Conclusion: drink, eliminate and eat healthy

exercise and drainage to lose weightDietary excesses and errors are frequent and favored by our modern lifestyle. Pollution, stress and imperfect lifestyle mean that a light and regular drainage of the eliminative functions is often beneficial for our body (detoxification).

Improving drainage functions can help regain a metabolic balance favorable to weight loss. However, it will act much better within the framework of an improvement of the hygiene of life (with a little regular physical activity) and especially of a healthy or even hypotoxic diet which, in our experience, works very well when properly understood.

Finally, we will remember that in the case of moderate excess weight, the drainage of the body can help to obtain a more harmonious distribution of fat on the body.

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