Do you recognize this? In the summer you always have your tube of sunscreen close at hand. But after the summer season, it is a bit more difficult for some to take that bottle out of the bag with some regularity. Because is it really necessary to lubricate as often in autumn, winter and spring as in summer? And if so, by what factor? I put these pressing questions to skin specialist Dr. Jetske Ultee.

Is lubrication really necessary all year round?

Jetske: I always say that lubrication becomes extra important on days when the UV index is 3 or higher. In the Netherlands this is roughly in the months of April-October. Keep in mind that the sun can also shine in the winter months. And that UVA radiation is also present all year round; and also reaches your skin when it is cloudy or behind glass. For that reason, you could argue that you should make rubbing a daily habit, just like brushing your teeth in the morning.

And which factor do you recommend?

Always use at least an SPF 15. On sunny days, even an SPF 30 is recommended. To achieve the SPF listed on your product packaging, reapply your cream every two hours. The effectiveness of the filters decreases after application. How quickly that happens depends on your skin, the strength of the sun, your activity and the sunscreen used. That will be faster on a hot summer day than in winter. Did you know that a (admittedly) modest study once showed that the daily use of an SPF 30 not only prevents wrinkles and skin damage, but also improves existing signs of skin aging?


In short, you will hear it again from expert Jetske. It is therefore best to simply apply every day with at least an SPF 15. In this way you best protect your skin against the harmful influences of the sun. And you can prevent premature skin aging. No more excuses, because this advice also applies to the winter months or on cloudy days!

Thanks to Dr Jetske Ultee. Want to read more tips from her? Take a look at her site www.jetskeultee.nl

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