Don’t worry, but wrinkles could signal health problems – Anti-Aging

Don’t worry, but wrinkles could signal health problems – Anti-Aging

That was the title of an article in the Times last week. The article refers to findings by a French research group who found that deep wrinkles or lines on the forehead can be an indicator of potential heart problems. This article builds on previous studies showing that wrinkles on the earlobes can be an early indicator of heart disease.

The use of lines, wrinkles and spots on the face to diagnose internal diseases is relatively new and untested in Western medicine, but formed a large part of traditional Chinese medicine and several books have been written over the years on the use of medical face reading . Anti-Aging produced a DVD some years ago presenting the best aspects of Chinese medicine and face reading in general to help bring this ancient knowledge to people.

At Anti-Aging we have always believed that the time one is looking in the mirror with a jade roller or other beauty device is a perfect time to examine the face for early warning signs of health problems. We don’t do this to encourage paranoia or hypochondria, but because these lines are usually very early warning signs and when they are noticed we can make lifestyle changes and hopefully avoid many diseases.

Prevention is better than cure!

These principles can also be responsibly applied by practitioners when treating clients, highlighting areas of a person’s health that require special attention. I can tell you from my own experience that it is much more interesting than another conversation about the weather to pass the time.

So what are some obvious lines and folds mentioned in the ancient texts that we can look out for, and what do they mean?

Horizontal lines across the bridge of the nose – These lines indicate possible blood sugar problems, the most serious of which is diabetes. Lines in this area are usually an indicator that a person should be very careful about their diet and monitor this part of their health.

Vertical line between the eyebrows – This line has traditionally been called the “Floating Sword” to indicate the severity of the problem. In ancient China, it was associated with energy stagnation mostly as a result of stress. Stress is now widely recognized as a cause of a wide range of diseases and therefore the appearance of this line can give us an early warning that a lifestyle change may be in order.

Vertical line through the tip of the nose – Associated with a weakness in cardiac energy in ancient China, it is now associated with heart murmurs in children and mitral valve prolapse in adults. This is a big thing to really be aware of.

Chinese medical face reading is a high-level subject, but one that can greatly improve disease prevention and add real value to any treatment.

You’re welcome Contact Anti-Aging to learn more about this ancient art.

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