Getting older is great fun! If all goes well, you know better what you want and you feel comfortable in your own skin. It’s just a shame that the passage of time can often be read on your face… Sooner or later you lose that powerful V-shape. I asked the experts at the Van Rosmalen Kliniek if there was a solution for this. Read their answer here.

The perfect face, does it exist?

Beauty is (thankfully) different for everyone. Still, there are a number of features of a face, including the shape, that have a great attraction for us. Which makes us like to look at that person. What is the perfect shape? And how do we determine it? We do this on the basis of a so-called gold standard, the Golden Ratio. A 2000-year-old Greek method that uses the number 0.618. If the number 1 is up to the number 1.618, this is approaching the perfect face. The magic word is likeness (symmetry): the left and right sides of the face are identical. Research shows that we look longer at a symmetrical face. More similarity in the face ensures a soft appearance and therefore scores high on the (cosmetic) wish list of women and men.


A symmetrical face in which the left and right halves are equal with a slender and tight jawline comes very close to our ideal of beauty.

Unfortunately, few people are born with a symmetrical face. And with age, the bone structure in our face also loses its volume. This manifests itself in the cheekbones and jawline. A slackening facial skin creates hamster cheeks that provide a wider, square jawline.

Fortunately, if you are no longer blessed with a tight jawline, cosmetic treatments have been developed that ensure a better ratio between cheekbones and jaw. These treatments with injectables (botulinum toxin and fillers) change the shape of the face and provide more symmetry. The facial contours appear narrower and softer due to the coveted V-shape.

The treatment

The cosmetic doctor inserts fillers into the cheekbones with small injections for more volume and injects the chewing muscles with botulinum toxin. The muscles relax and therefore their size decreases. Cheeks appear slimmer and the jawline tightens and narrows. Do you suffer from teeth grinding? An additional advantage is that this decreases by relaxing the chewing muscles.

The doctor then treats the corners of the mouth and chin with botulinum toxin injections.

This makes the V-line of the face more visible. The face is slimmer and more youthful. In some cases, for example with a flat chin, it is advisable to use fillers.

Would you like to refresh your entire face instead of targeting individual areas? Then go for the full face approach and choose a liquid facelift. This non-invasive treatment with fillers restores volume to the face, restores mild to moderate sagging and slows down further facial aging.

Do you want to know more about this treatment? Please contact the Van Rosmalen clinic.

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