One silk pillowcase is great for preventing sleep wrinkles, did you know that? Always nice, because who doesn’t like a wrinkled face? All kinds of celebs (such as Kim Kardashian) can no longer do without. Curious? Check out my vlog for this beauty secret!

100% pure silk

As you could see in the video, I am quite pleased with this new deluxe weapon. Although new? Marilyn Monroe already slept on a silk pillowcase and the benefits of silk have been known in Asia for centuries. But how come this pillowcase is so good for your face? The big secret is the use of 100% pure silk, without synthetic or cotton additives. Not only because silk is ultra soft on your skin, but silk is also moisturizing. This is due to the skin’s own amino acids (no less than 18!) that are in natural silk. While you sleep, these amino acids come into contact with your skin throughout the night, allowing them to do their moisturizing job well. Ideal for thirsty skins!


But did you know that a silk pillowcase can be used for more than just an anti-aging tool for your face? I already mentioned that it makes your hair smoother and softer (and thus prevents split ends), but it also helps against asthma, eczema, acne and rosacea! And it also regulates temperature. So cooling during a sultry night and warm when there is ice in the ditch.

Buy yourself?

In short, such a demolition is an enormous benefactor for your body and limbs. Sleep well at night (and softly) and wake up in the morning with a fresher face and softer hair. I am now a fan and very attached to ‘my little silk friend† Do you want one yourself silk pillowcase to attempt? They are available in various colors from 29.95 euros in the Silk Heaven web store.

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