Diederik van Imhoff: restore your sunken face with fillers

Diederik van Imhoff: restore your sunken face with fillers

Have you lost weight and have you got a sunken face as a result? Don’t worry, there’s something you can do about it. Today, cosmetic doctor Diederik van Imhoff will tell you all the details about a cosmetic treatment that will help you regain the beautiful, round shape of your face. Diederik, we’re listening!

Get ready the summer

It’s summer! So time for sun, beach and… bikinis! Soon we will be back on one of the European costa’s or another tropical destination. In itself it is quite nice if you are comfortable in your own skin, in other words… your bikini is comfortable again. But unfortunately that does not happen automatically after all those wonderful winter parties and dinners.

sunken face

So also busy dieting and hard at work for a bikini body? Then you are not alone. All gyms are full again and daily meals are limited to spelled crackers, celery and maple syrup with lemon as summer approaches. No matter how beautiful your body becomes, unfortunately a sunken face is often unavoidable. Are you finally busy with your weekly boot camp, body pump, pilates, yoga, crossfit workout …. you are addressed on your sunken tired face. While you are finally in top shape and comfortable in your own skin.

Because with sports and healthy food you lose weight, but unfortunately also in your face. In places where there is a lack of volume, this creates an outdated appearance, hard lines and a tired look. Puffiness, sunken cheeks, drooping corners of the mouth, skin slackening and less elastic. All annoying side effects of your good effort.

Summer volume treatment

But don’t worry. With a little help from DOCTORS AT SOAP you get the best of both worlds: a fit body, a healthy look and a radiant face with the ‘SUMMER VOLUME TREATMENT’. This is a filler treatment that restores the volume loss in your face. The treatment lasts about 30 minutes and is not painful (you can anaesthetize it if necessary). Take into account 2 days of recovery time and plan this if you do not have important things during those 2 days, such as a nice dinner or an important meeting.

No trace face

Like all DOCTORS AT SOAP doctors I work according to the ‘NO TRACE FACE’ principle. Maximum results are achieved with minimal amounts, where no one will see that you have been treated. Preserving character and looking age-appropriate are priorities.

The filler is placed in those places that have become a bit harder due to all the good efforts. Fortunately, with small drops of hyaluronic acid, these hard lines become soft again and you look like the best version of yourself again. Because in the end it’s all about balance. Balance in your face, but also balance between face and ‘body’. So get ready for summer! Enjoy the sun & summer (with SPF of course…;)!


Knowing more? Then visit doctorsatsoap.com for this Summer Volume Treatment and visit DOCTORS AT SOAP in The Hague, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Eindhoven and Utrecht for a no-obligation consultation.


Diederik van Imhoff

Chef de clinique Doctors at Soap The Hague

Thank you, Diederik van Imhoff, for explaining this possibility to get your old face shape back! PS: do you want to know more about improving your face with the help of fillers? Then take a look at our special section on cosmetic treatments.

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