Cutaneous biorevitalization, pulsed light, mesotherapy

Cutaneous biorevitalization, pulsed light, mesotherapy

By applying it to the skin, gradual improvements in aging skin can be achieved which, although not immediately dramatic, are generally highly valued and harmless to health.

Skin biorevitalization: stimulating to regenerate the skin

Cutaneous bio-revitalization applies to the skin. It aims to restore radiance, tone and better elasticity.

To go in this direction, most techniques stimulate the activity of fibroblasts, these cells which manufacture (among other things) the collagen and elastin fibers which make up the texture of the skin and which become scarce or degrade with age. age.

Other effects are expected from the stimulations, such as the increase in cutaneous microcirculation. Indeed, improved blood (and lymphatic) circulation allows better exchanges between skin cells and the environment in which they are immersed (interstitial fluid). This allows better nutrient supply to these cells but also better drainage of metabolic waste.

Why different skin regeneration techniques

Research in this field regularly finds different ways and various technologies to achieve these skin revitalizing effects. These are techniques that are supposed to respect the tissues, that is to say, that do not lead to burning or lesion of the treated skin.

We now know that various physical agents such as radiation, mechanical pressure, electric currents, etc. can have an action in this direction. Increases in collagen production by fibroblasts have also been demonstrated on skin samples treated with mesolift (multi-micro-injections).
Of course, the doctor can combine these different techniques which often complement each other and then act in synergy.

Mechanical Stimulations

It is a very natural technique since it involves transmitting light mechanical traction to the dermis by means of a device gripping and delicately releasing the skin of the face at variable rates. The increase in elastin and collagen production has been scientifically demonstrated after series of mechanical stimulation. The treatment does not break the skin and leaves no traces.

In general, the attack treatment is a dozen weekly sessions (even closer together at the start). The skin is left more toned and refreshed. An interview is recommended in order to maintain the results. We can see this treatment a bit like “skin gymnastics”. In the same spirit, some traditional Asian facial massages consist of gently slapping the skin to tone it.

Revitalizing facial micro-injections (mesolift)

Here there is a double action: that of multiple micro-bites and that of products injected into the dermis. The repeated penetrations of the needle create microtraumas with a restorative “micro”-reaction at each puncture. The repair cells of the dermis are then activated and a supply of natural nutritive substances (vitamins, minerals, amino acids) and growth factors is made in the treated skin areas.

In general, we practice three sessions at 3 week intervals then one session every 2 to 3 months. Different protocols exist depending on the products used. Fluid hyaluronic acid can be added to injected products to rehydrate the skin. We know that the hyaluronic acid normally present in the skin decreases with age and contributes greatly to its hydration.

lights and lasers

pulsed light

Apart from its classic use to destroy hair follicles by heat, to coagulate rosacea vessels or to burn brown spots on the skin, intense pulsed light can also have a stimulating action of skin regeneration which improves complexion and tone. skin. Although it is not useful to use very high powers for this type of treatment, the quality of the devices (and in particular the optical filters) is important to obtain good results and not to take risks. Not to be done on tanned skin and act with caution on naturally dark skin.

Biostimulant remodeling lasers

They must be differentiated from other remodeling lasers which act without damaging the superficial dermis but with a deep micro-burn to obtain skin retraction. In biostimulation, there is stimulation but not burning. The effects sought are therefore biological, in the sense of regeneration and not of healing. The application of these lasers is painless and without any particular follow-up.

NB: in aesthetics there are also various techniques forcing the skin to regenerate after its destruction. These can be chemical (strong peels), physical (abrasion lasers) or mechanical (dermabrasions) agents. In this case, the consequences are much heavier (scabs, oozing, dressings, etc.) and the new skin loses some of its naturalness because there has been a healing phase. which slightly changes its appearance. People who abuse these treatments can have skin that is almost too smooth to be natural. These stronger techniques should be reserved for serious cases: acne scars, skin very damaged by the sun, etc.

LED lights

They are monochromatic lights (of a precise wavelength) but they are not lasers. The skin is strongly illuminated with these lamps for a few minutes over ten sessions. The powers delivered to the skin are low and without known danger. Depending on the color of the LEDs, the effects are variable. The orange-yellow color would stimulate the skin’s regeneration, healing and collagen production capacities. Thus, a revitalizing effect could be observed on the skin. Studies have shown that these lights stimulate the healing of certain wounds.

The integration of care

In Integral Anti-Aging Medicine, it is necessary to consider the interest of combining these techniques, among themselves or with other treatments. These are rather gentle techniques and they can act in synergy. Depending on the type of skin, some treatments are more suitable than others.

Iadditional resources are above all to provide the skin with the nutrients it needs, to help it fight oxidation, to hydrate (through integral cosmetics, micronutrition, phyto-hormonotherapy, etc.). The cells of the skin respond to the stimulation of local treatments only if they have the micronutrients essential for their proper functioning.

Again, trying to improve the skin without considering the general health of the person will only yield superficial and limited results. However, many simple rules of hygiene of life and nutrition are within the reach of all those who are willing to apply them.

Clearly, if you follow aesthetic care, improve your lifestyle and nutrition, also aim for health. This site is here to help you. The results will only be better.

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