Getting old without looking old? Using the skin as a canvas, the cosmetic doctor like an artist can slow down the aging process thanks to scientific developments and innovative techniques. So that every man or woman at any age can be the best version of themselves. Read the vision of the Van Rosmalen Clinic here.

How it started

Plastic surgery has a long history. The first cosmetic treatments took place around 1900 by Harold Delf Gillies (1882-1960). He developed all kinds of techniques to reconstruct the disfigured faces of soldiers from the First World War.

Appearance increasingly important

Appearance plays a major role in our current society. More and more people are therefore visiting a cosmetic doctor, who with great knowledge of anatomy and with the help of ultra-fine needles, like a true artist, restores beauty and youth to the face.

Cosmetic medicine more than treating a wrinkle

Cosmetic medicine therefore goes further than treating a disturbing wrinkle or frown. It’s about feeling good, looking less tired and being confident in life. Like a sculptor, the cosmetic doctor looks at the shapes and proportions of the face, at the light and shadows. The doctor restores the balance in a face through innovative (and increasingly non-invasive) treatments.

Cosmetic medicine the ultimate combination of art and science.

What a canvas is to the artist, human skin is to the cosmetician. With injectables, the skin is supplied with active substances that it no longer produces itself, such as collagen (firmness and elasticity) and hyaluronic acid (hydration). The aging process is

or delayed.
From the age of 27 we make less and less collagen and hyaluronic acid until it stops completely during the menopause. Our skin becomes thin, flabby and dry, resulting in wrinkles. And skin that loses its volume and elasticity droops and makes you look older than you actually are.

Our artist look on your face

At the Van Rosmalen clinic we use the so-called full face approach for the best and most natural result (just like an artist does). We look at the face as a whole and the emotion of the person in front of us. And we focus on the mimicry and dynamics in someone’s face. In our view, this goes further than just spraying a few wrinkles flat.

Tips for the most beautiful version of yourself


To restore the volume and contours of the face, you can go to a cosmetic doctor for a filler treatment. A filler stimulates the production of collagen and restores volume loss. It reduces wrinkles and lines and shapes the face for the most beautiful appearance. The result remains visible for up to a year, for example through a liquid facelift. This is a method to support the face with safe filler treatments and to stop time as it were.

Do not wait to long

It is wise to start treatments as soon as you see the first wrinkles or sagging skin on your face. Because by preventing skin aging you will always be able to achieve the most natural and optimal result. When choosing a cosmetic doctor, make sure that he or she is demonstrably competent and trained in cosmetic medicine and bears the title of cosmetic doctor KNMG. Then you know for sure that your skin is in good hands.

The power of combination treatments

Keep your skin in top condition during the summer with a “Summer Treatment” at the skin therapist. These are combination treatments that are specially tailored for the summer. These treatments strengthen, protect and improve your skin, so you can get through the summer radiant and safe!

Beautiful skin starts at home.

Take care of your skin with products that have a high percentage of active ingredients (such as retinol and glycol). We call these products cosmeceuticals and they work on the deeper layers of the skin, moreover protect your face every day against harmful UV radiation with a high SPF, even when it rains. Some more tips: Also pay attention to what you eat and whether you get enough sleep. Try to avoid stress. If you take good care of your skin from an early age, you will benefit from it later in life. It can slow down wrinkle formation.

And now?

Do you want to know how a cosmetic doctor can help you to be the most beautiful version of yourself? Then make an appointment for a personal skin analysis and a tailor-made treatment plan. Always choose a clinic certified by the NVCG, such as the Van Rosmalen Kliniek and doctors with the title: ‘cosmetic doctor KNMG’ (such as our cosmetic doctors: Dr. Annemarie van Rosmalen and Dr. Shai Rambaran). As of 1 July 2019, cosmetic medicine has been recognized as a medical discipline in Dutch healthcare. As a result, the title ‘cosmetic doctor KNMG’ is now protected. This is great news because clients can now be protected from incompetent practitioners.

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