Cosmeceuticals are indispensable in the fight against wrinkles. Just like 4 other things!

Cosmeceuticals are indispensable in the fight against wrinkles.  Just like 4 other things!

It is of course generally known that you can keep things in check with botox and fillers. But what can you do if you are not so fond of needles? Read my top 5 of accessible wrinkle removers and skin improvers here!

1. Cosmeceuticals

When it comes to creams, I only have 1 mantra: only apply products that really do something for you. In my opinion, these are cosmeceuticals, products that are somewhere between cosmetics and dermatology. Very easy to pimp your skin with this. Take, for example, the vitamin C serums from Novexpert or Skinceuticals. You see your skin visibly improve and at the same time it is protected against free radicals with vitamin C. Super important in the fight against skin aging!

2. Quanis Dermafiller

These are patches that allow you to easily infuse hyaluronic acid, collagen and vitamin C into the skin (see the photo at the beginning of the article to get a feel for this). The result is plumper, healthier skin. The effect of a filler, but without needles. I recently tried these patches from Quanis under my eyes and really see a difference. I now even get specific compliments about the beautiful skin among my viewers. Again, confirmation for me that it really works.

3. Nuface

The NuFace, what a funny beauty tool that is! It works like a magic wand with microcurrent. Your skin is considerably fuller and more even after 1 treatment. And not only that: the device also has a remarkable lifting effect. See below for the ‘before and after’ photos, they speak for themselves, right? 5 minutes with this device and you look like you just got back from vacation!

4. Fitness for your face

Yes, yes, it exists: gymnastics for your face. And why not? After all, you also train the rest of your body. In the book “Fitness for your face” you will find all the ins and outs about this method. I myself only do the exercises against a double chin, 5 times a week. Although I was a bit skeptical at first, I really think it works for my double chin. Because if I skip a week, I will immediately see it in my photos (as an active Instagrammer you will of course have enough & clear comparison material ;-)).

5. Laser treatments

And last but not least: a course of laser treatments also definitely helps. I took such a course last year and it has significantly improved my skin structure. The pigmentation spots and redness in my face are significantly less. The skin is really much smoother and therefore looks younger. I would first see how far you can get with cosmeceuticals and then fine-tune the end result with the laser.


These were honestly my best tips, I hope you can do something with them! It is of course also important to pay close attention to your lifestyle. Be moderate with sugar, meat and alcohol and avoid stress as much as possible. If you also get enough sleep, exercise and eat vegetables, you will enjoy fresh, beautiful skin until your 100th!

x Mo

PS: do you want to read more about preventing and remedying wrinkles? Then take a look at Anti-Aging Secret’s anti-aging section where you will find many more useful articles on this subject!

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