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Coconut health benefits

Coconut flourishes in the tropical heat. This exotic fruit evokes the distant islands and dream landscapes. The sun touches packed stalls throughout the year and invites himself with ease in the kitchen, nature and elaborate in a recipe. Its richness in vitamins and minerals actually a wellness eat food from time to time.

A coconut weighs 1.5 kg on average. Its brown hull, very hard, contains a dense milky white flesh, the flesh, very crisp, and a sweet liquid coconut water.

Rich in fatty acids, coconut is a calorie fruit, but concentrated in vitamins, minerals and trace elements. Bite into its pulp to enjoy its benefits!

Greedy flesh of the coconut is delicious kind. But you can also give a touch of gluttony and exoticism to your dishes, from appetizers to dessert, using its pulp and water.

The appearance and, surprisingly, the sound of coconut, ensures its freshness and quality of its pulp. Whole, it retains easily and very long. However, once opened, the plan quickly to consume the pulp remains crisp and tender.


Choosing a good coconut is not, at first glance, obvious: hard shell, no odor, it fully reveals once opened. Tips to not go wrong:

Shake coconut near your ear. You should hear the sound of coconut water sloshing inside. Over there, the more fruit will be fresh and tasty flesh.

Observe the nuts from all angles. Eyes (3 small dark spots present at its base) must be firm, intact and free of mildew stains.


Until it has been opened, the coconut keeps perfectly in the air.

Pulp coconut keeps in the refrigerator. However, be careful not to leave it there for too long, it dries quickly.

Similarly, if you have kept coconut water, use it quickly, it tends to ferment.

While cooking

Eating coconut shell still in demand a few tools … But once opened, what a pleasure to the taste or integrate with your recipes, from appetizers to dessert!

Coconut health benefits nutrition facts

Calories (kcal per 100 g)         371

Proteins (g per 100 g)             3.64

Carbohydrate (g per 100 g)    3.81

Lipids (g per 100 g)                 35.3


Vitamin C (mg per 100 g)        2.77

Vitamin B9 (micrograms )       25.3


Potassium (mg per 100 g)       352

Magnesium (mg per 100 g)     37.5

Trace elements

Selenium (mcg per 100 g)         2

Iron (mg per 100 g)                 2.11

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