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Chinese herbs for numbness

herbs for numbness


Cannabis Scientific name: Fructus cannabis

Chinese name: Huo Ma Ren 火 麻仁

Parts of the plant used: seeds stripped of their skin

zones of influence on the human body: meridians of Spleen, Stomach and Large Intestine

Flavor: sweet

Nature: Neutral

Effects :

– Facilitates bowel movements

– Moisten the intestines and lubricates

– Tones

– Constipation due to the dryness of intestines

– Failure by constipation or liquids dryness in the elderly

Against indications, care:

In case of high dose (60 to 120 g) risk of poisoning, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, numbness of 4 members, loss of orientation ability, mydriasis, spasms, mental confusion, drowsiness and clouding of consciousness, coma.


Scientific GentianeNom: Radix Gentiana

Chinese name: Long Dan Cao 龙胆草

Parts of the plant used: rhizome and root, washed, cleaned, dried in the sun, cut into pieces (Autumn).

zones of influence on the human body: liver meridians of the billière bladder and stomach

Taste: Bitter

Nature: Cold

Effects :

-Clarifier Heat and dry Dampness 清热 燥湿;

-Purge Liver and VB Fire 泻 肝胆 火, ease convulsions (DING JING XIAN).

– Jaundice by Humidity Heat in the Liver and VB

– Swelling and itching of the external genitals, itching of the vulva and scrotum, thick yellow vaginal discharge, lower body eczema, difficult and painful urination

– Pain and distension of the head, pain, redness and swelling of the eyes, pain in the chest and hypochondriac, bitter mouth, pain and swelling of the ears, B.O., hearing loss, hearing loss, itching and swelling of the genitals

– Persistent high fever, spasms, convulsions in LIANG JING WAN “pill to freshen convulsing.”

– Little appetite, abdominal distension after meals: a small amount of LONG DAN can strengthen the stomach.


No overdose; No use over a long period. Cold and bitter, it damages the IQ of the Stomach.


– Secretion of gastric juice, hydrochloric acid release and increased appetite by oral administration of one of its active components in dogs with experimental gastric fistula.

– Liver Protection, increase bile secretion.

– Significant diuretic action on laboratory animals.

– Anti-inflammatory action of one of its active components (action 4-7 times more powerful than some antirheumatic products).

Gui Zhi

Scientific name: Ramulus Cinnamomi

Chinese name: Gui Zhi 桂枝

Plant parts used: Young twigs dried in the sun or shade, cut into pieces or thin slices.

Zones of influence on the human body: meridians of the heart, lungs and bladder.

Flavor: spicy and sweet

Nature: warm

Effects :

– Done sweat and releases the muscles

– Cool meridians and stop the pain (Wen Jing Zhi Tong).

– YANG activate and promote the circulation of IQ.

– Warm up the uterus.

– Harmonize defensive and nutritive energies.

– Relax the tendons, joints free

– Hay

– Arm stiffness, numbness, reduced mobility of the limbs, joints, shoulders and back (by Cold)

– Abdomen (belly): slow and difficult digestion (dyspepsia), stomach and abdominal fullness improved heat

– Irregular rules, amenorrhea, abdominal pain and weight

– Hypofunction of the bladder with dysuria and edema

– Palpitations, heart pain

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