Chinese herbs for digestive— Chinese food and Chinese herbs for health

Herbs for digestive

Chinese herbs for digestive

How to treat your digestive problem with a natural medicine method?Think about using these 3 Chinese herbs.


Scientific name: Fructus Arctii

Chinese name: Niu Bang Zi 牛蒡子

Plant parts used: Ripe fruit harvested in autumn, sun-dried, crushed.

zones of influence on the human body: lung and stomach meridians.

Flavor: spicy and bitter

Nature: Cold

Health Effects :

– Expels Heat

– Promotes breakouts

– Soothes the throat, coughing stops

– Reduces swelling

– Removes toxic

– Anthrax, cutaneous pyogenic infections

– Measles with late rashes, hives

– Pain and swelling of the throat, cough, rare and viscous sputum

– Constipation: the presence of oil in the seed which lubricates the intestines and facilitates feces.

Dosage: from 3 to 10 g per day in decoction. However, watch laxative effects.


Scientific name: Semen Litchi

Chinese name: Li Zhi He 荔枝 核

Plant parts used: almond kernel sun dried before use broken or roasted in salt water

This herb has influences on the human body: the meridians of the Liver and Stomach

Taste: Spicy

Nature: warm

Health Effects :

– Activates the flow of Qi (Liver)

– Disperses cold

– Relieves pain

– Up stagnation, dispersed nodules.

– Hernia with painful swelling of the testicles

– Epigastric pain or pelvic pain in women by stagnation of energy and blood

Water plantain

Scientific name: Rhizoma Alismatis

Chinese Name: Ze Xie

Parts of the plant used: stem stripped of its leaves and roots, dried on low heat before removing the bark. Before use, it must be moistened, cut and dried in the sun. It is used without preparation or grilled with sound or salt.

This herb has influences on the human body: the meridians of kidney and bladder.

Flavor: sweet and tasteless

Nature: Cold

Health Effects :

– Promotes the removal of water and moisture

– Disperses heat loss, heat and moisture of the bladder.

– Edema and dysuria by stagnation of water and moisture

– Jaundice; hyperlipidemia

– Yin deficiency of Kidney and excess heat Minister.

– Diarrhea, urinary disorders with cloudy urine, vaginal discharge, YIN TAN retention, palpitations and cough with excess moisture

Against, precautions: Kidney deficiency with spermatorrhées without dreams. If high doses may spermatorrhea.

Modern pharmacological actions:

– Action diuretic;

– Decrease of blood glucose.

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