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New player on the French sportswear market, Brubeck offers very comfortable, high-quality technical articles for running, fitness and outdoor sports (mountain, skiing, etc.). The brand notably offers thermal clothing offering excellent thermoregulation and efficient perspiration wicking thanks to a proven double-layer technique. These are high-end sportswear at a reasonable price.

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This garment also exists with long sleeves for men and women: long sleeves for men and long sleeves for women.


110 to 120 g (depending on size)

Around 50 € (take advantage of our promo codes, see above)

S (164-170cm, waist 74-80) to XXL (size 188-194 cm, waist 98-104 cm)

Double layer, seamless, breathable, anti-allergic and antibacterial in Merino wool (41%), polyamide (57%), elastane (2%) and polypropylene (1%). Elastic, it hugs the body perfectly.

Indoor and outdoor sports, hiking, skiing. Designed for all seasons (insulates and prevents overheating). Available with long sleeves, for men and women.

Characteristics announced

A seamless technical garment suitable for all seasons

The Active Wool Merinos T-shirt by Brubeck is a very comfortable thermal underwear for men (also available for women) made of Merino wool (41%) and suitable for all seasons. It is suitable for indoor and outdoor sports, including mountain sports (hiking, skiing) but it can also be worn for running, walking, etc. This garment also exists with long sleeves.

Its semi-thick double layer fabric optimizes thermoregulation and offers high thermal protection while wicking away perspiration perfectly. This t-shirt protects the body as much from cold as from overheating. Its elasticity also gives it the ability to adapt perfectly to the body like a second skin, thus providing good thermal insulation while allowing the addition of other layers of clothing as required. It is available in 3 colors (black, imperial blue and red).

double layer sketch evacuation perspiration

Careful design for this breathable garment

Made of seamless double-layer fabric, this ultra-light base layer (113 g in size M) is designed to wick away perspiration, maintain body heat and reflect outside heat. It thus preserves the natural temperature of the body while keeping it dry. It also has ventilation zones under the arms for better evacuation of sweat.

The principle is based on the use of 2 layers:

  • An inner layer that maintains body temperature but lets perspiration through.
  • A breathable outer layer that absorbs moisture from the first layer and wicks it out (see diagram).

Optimal comfort

merino sheep

This garment is stretchy and adapts to the shape of the body for optimum comfort. Brubeck ensures that it does not stretch and does not lose its original shape.

It is made from Merino wool, a high-quality and very insulating natural microfiber. This wool does not irritate the skin and does not cause allergies (anti-allergenic properties). In addition, it absorbs perspiration up to 33% of its weight, which is exceptional.

Thanks to its antibacterial properties, the fabric also neutralizes unpleasant odors.

Our Review and opinion

We tested the Active Merino thermal t-shirt at temperatures from 10 ° C to 25 ° C and we were more than satisfied! Judge by our tests and results!

man and woman in the mountains wearing an Active Wool Merinos Brubeck thermal underwear

Great comfort for this garment designed seamless

The Active Merinos t-shirt was sent to us in a pretty recyclable cardboard box and describing its characteristics in 5 languages ​​including French. The brand did not skimp on the quality of packaging and the careful presentation of the product. It should be noted that Brubeck products are made in Europe and comply with European standards (CE).

The garment is available in 3 colors (imperial blue, black and red) and 5 sizes (S, M, L, XL, XXL). For our part, we carried out the Review with the black model, the color of which does not seem to fade after several washes (machine washable at 30 ° C). The t-shirt is sober with the Brubeck brand appearing very discreetly on the bottom in a burgundy letter. The meshes are fine, the semi-thick fabric, light and soft to the touch, the perfect finish. It weighs only 113 g in size M (120 g advertised for size XXL). We also appreciate the absence of labels (thank you Brubeck!). The washing instructions are printed inside, in the fabric.

In terms of comfort, it is difficult to do better with this elastic (stretch) t-shirt with a fitted cut that hugs the body perfectly without compressing or exerting pressure on the arms and lower body. You hardly feel it on your skin. The wool is soft to wear and you immediately feel a warm feeling when you put it on. The t-shirt stays firmly attached to the skin, which prevents any heat loss during the activity. In colder weather, it plays the role of second skin to which we can add other layers (ideal for the 3-layer system, read our article How to dress to run in the cold).

During the activity, you don't smell the t-shirt, even when you sweat a lot. It is really very comfortable!

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Excellent insulation against cold and heat

Our surprise, when testing this garment to go running in the forest at 10 ° C, was to see its excellent thermal insulation. As much as you can feel the cold on your bare arms while running, you can feel nothing under the t-shirt. The contrast is rather surprising! The underwear insulates perfectly. However, it is not announced as being windproof. It must be said that it is made of 47% wool from merino sheep known for its quality and excellent thermal insulation. It is also a bit thick while being ultra-light. For lower temperatures, it can of course be worn with an additional layer or simply a windbreaker. Note that this model also exists with long sleeves.

In warmer weather, we did not experience overheating. Thermoregulation is effective.

Perfect sweat wicking: hard to do better

underarm vents

We were blown away by the ability of this thermal t-shirt to wick away perspiration. We did not feel any discomfort during the race and touching the t-shirt to Review it, it was hardly if we could feel the humidity. The perspiration is perfectly evacuated. Wool is really effective at absorbing sweat and the double layer structure plays its evacuation role very well. Once the race was over, the t-shirt dried in just a few minutes and after machine washing, it didn't take 3 hours to be dry! We had already been impressed by this efficiency during our Review of the Running Force Athletic tank top. With this underwear, it's even better!

We liked
  • Breathable, excellent evacuation of perspiration. Dries very quickly.
  • Great comfort, softness, you don't feel it on the skin
  • Excellent thermal insulation
  • Seamless, without labels, no discomfort felt
  • Effective antiallergic and antibacterial properties
  • Very good value for money
We'd have liked
  • More colors


We were pleasantly surprised by the quality of this garment, its softness, its finesse, its excellent finish and its comfort on the skin. It really protects from the cold and prevents overheating. Its efficiency in wicking away perspiration is remarkable. Difficult to find faults with him. It can be worn as much alone in cool weather (with long sleeves or not according to preferences) or as a first layer (second skin) if it is colder. It is also suitable in warmer weather, especially for your mountain outings (hiking, skiing, etc.). It is a very good purchase at a rather reasonable price compared to the quality offered.

of Free Delivery for any online purchase using the code F2BBGUKA

Buy on Brubeck
Price: about € 50
(free shipping with code F2BBGUKA)

This garment also exists with long sleeves for men and women: long sleeves for men and long sleeves for women.

Philippe Baudoin
Reproduction prohibited – Copyright © Sport Passion

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