Brown spots on the face: how to remove them?

Brown spots on the face: how to remove them?

The brown spots that can appear around the age of 35, sometimes even before the wrinkles, reflect a disruption of melanin production. Over time, the epidermis is thinner and the melanocytes (pigmentary cells of the skin), very concentrated in dark pigments, are then more visible. Among the causes of this overproduction of melanin: age, too much sun, hormones (certain contraceptive pills or drugs are risk factors).

Better to react when the spots, also called sunspots Where age spotsare still very recent because once installed, the risk of recurrence is constant.

The must-have anti-stain products

There are two essential products to adopt on a daily basis:

  • effective sun protection (index 50) if you expose yourself to the sun, even during a lunch on the terrace. In case of non-exposure to UV rays, it is still necessary to apply a day cream with a protection factor.

Makeup tips to cover them up

After your base and your anti-aging and anti-UV foundation, do not hesitate to use a illuminating pencil on the stains. The products will mix together for a luminous and radiant effect, but still a little covering and lifting.

To know: many brands sold in pharmacies also offer ranges of corrective make-up that help to camouflage the skin defects.

Sunspots: laser or pulsed light solutions

These stains are usually treated with lasers that fragment melanin pigments to make them disappear.

  • If the spots are well demarcated, the Q-Swichted pigment laser remains the reference. Watch out for side effects though, as this will create red spots and scabs on the skin that will disappear after about a week.
  • If the spots are present in very large numbers on the skin, the pulsed light, or iPL (Intense Pulsed Light), can be offered. Again, small crusts for a week.

How it works ?

The dermatologist scans the area to be treated with a device that sends light. From 2 to 6 sessions, spaced 2 to 4 weeks apart, are necessary. 200 to 300 € per session, not reimbursed.

These treatments are not suitable for matte and dark skin. In any case, it is important to prepare the skin, with anti-stain creams that put the melanocytes to rest: thus, there will be no risk of pigmentary rebound after the session. It is forbidden to expose yourself to the sun for at least a month. And don’t forget to always wear your sun protection.

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