Brown spots: all the techniques to erase them

Brown spots: all the techniques to erase them

The dark spots that appear on the skin over the years worry women almost more than the loss of skin firmness. Several non-surgical techniques can restore a beautiful complexion. Advice from our experts.

The spots are mostly on the face

Exposed daily to UV rays, the face is the most affected area.

For so-called “superficial” stains, such as lentigo or sun spotsthe Q-switched pigment laser remains the reference. “It sends ultra-powerful energy over a very small area, in a very short time”, explains Dr. Hervé Brunet, dermatologist. “Two to three sessions are enough with a scab that falls off after a week to give way to brand new skin”, says Dr. Dominique Serre. At 150 euros on average per session, it is very effective.

The new lasers have the advantage of having a faster strike speed, allowing a reduction in the number of sessions and faster healing. Stains disappear immediately. Its price is higher, 350 euros, but a single session is enough.

Please note that these lasers are not suitable for melasmas or dull to dark skin, due to a possible pigmentation rebound: spots reform or even appear on an untreated area.

The stains are mostly on the hands

Our hands betray our experiences as well as our negligence by what are called “age spots” !

The recommended technique is cryotherapy. “We directly apply liquid nitrogen on the pigment, so that the stain freezes, explains Dr. Serre. The skin is then pink, with occasional blisters, but it heals after a few weeks. »

This technique can be criticized for sometimes leaving marks or scars, “hence the interest of multiplying the sessions – 2 to 3 in general – to depigment little by little without taking any risks, adds the specialist.

From 80 to 120 euros per session, but this technique should be avoided on dark skin. If there are many small spots, the doctor is more likely to suggest the Q-switched laser.

Stains dot the neckline

In this fragile area, redness mingle with small brown marks. The spots are indeed often associated with a diffuse redness caused by previous sunburns.

” The flash lamps make it possible to globally treat the area in 2 to 3 sessions depending on the importance of the photo-induced damage”, notes Dr. Nadine Pomarède, dermatologist. The light absorbed by the spots is transformed into heat, and thus causes the destruction of the responsible cells, the melanocytes. Count 200 to 250 euros per session. “This is followed by twice-daily application of a healing cream to the area, which turns brown for 5 days before recovering completely. »

“The treated sun spots do not come back. But other spots can appear in other places on the face or body, underlines Dr. Hervé Brunet. To prevent them, there is no other solution than sun protection, winter and summer, from 30 to 50 SPF”.

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