Botox, injections, peels… how not to go too far?

Botox, injections, peels… how not to go too far?

To the question “Do you think that many women go too far in aesthetics?”, our consultants immediately answer no. “Some 99% of people who come to see me for a cosmetic procedure tell me, ‘Doctor, it must not be seen!’ “, says Sylvie Body, dermatologist.

If the majority of women have fair demands in aesthetics, it is because they have put in place safeguards that prevent them from going too far. Which are they?

A constructive discussion with the doctor

This good exchange must be essential, and even if the woman makes injections regularly, she must continue the dialogue with the doctor. The aesthetic act should not become systematic. Trust is a two-way street because if the patient must be able to count on his doctor, the converse is also true.

The doctor must assess the patient’s motivations

The patient’s confidence in his doctor depends on good information and discussion before the intervention. The doctor assesses the patient’s motivations, especially if it is for a facelift surgery, which involves anesthesia.

“I recognize that at some point, the doctor must know how to say no to a patient who asks for too many injections, but not frontally, otherwise she will go to someone else to get injected,” explains Dr. Body.

The patient must be honest with his doctor

“I see people asking me for a facelift, telling me that they have never done anything, when obviously there has already been surgery on the face”, gives Dr. Mattéoli as an example.

  • the doctor must not be too interventionist, and he must inform the patient about everything that can happen during the act.
  • Moreover, the candidate for rejuvenation must be wary of a doctor who has injected or lifted himself too much… proof that the definition of the word “natural” is not the same for everyone.

The four questions to ask yourself before an aesthetic procedure

Before doing injections, peeling, laser sessions, even a facelift… all these acts that affect self-image, it is important to ask yourself the right questions.

1. “What do I honestly want from an intervention?”

“This is the most important question,” explains Dr Matteoli. Do I want to look 20 years younger? Do I want to win someone back? If the expectation is disproportionate, the patient will inevitably be disappointed. On the other hand, if the request remains concrete and accessible – like simply looking less tired –, the approach will be fair.

2. “Am I too preoccupied with my appearance?”

“It’s also an important question,” says Dr. Body. It all depends on how often the woman looks in the mirror with concern: if it’s more than ten times a day, there may be a problem.

3. “Why is this important to me at this specific time in my life?”

the personal context obviously has to be taken into account. If the woman is doing it for herself, or to prepare for an event like a child’s wedding, that’s a good reason. If it is to find a job, the wait is disproportionate.

4. “How have I been feeling these past few weeks?”

Of course aesthetics is used to have good morale, but if we consider that we have been going badly for some time, it is better to postpone the aesthetic intervention until a time when we feel in better shape.

Rejuvenation: should the eyes of loved ones be taken into account?

Let’s start by debunking some received ideas.

  • ” It’s not never the husband who asks his wife for a facelift, says Dr. Matteoli with his years of experience. First, the husband is afraid that his wife will no longer be the same, afraid that she will undergo general anesthesia, or he does not understand her approach. Or he is afraid that she will be too good for him afterwards. »
  • A wife can ask her husband what he thinks, but it will often be at the origin of the process.
  • According to our specialists, women rarely get younger for their children – “Children don’t like their parents to change,” notes Dr. Body – but sometimes for grandchildren with whom they are in a dynamic process.
  • If we are concerned about the remarks of relatives before, we must also listen carefully to what they say afterwards. “If, on leaving an injection session, the woman hears herself say ‘How good you look’, it’s won, adds Dr. Body. On the other hand, if the remark is: “What did you do”, it means that we have gone too far. »

And to conclude: “Acts of rejuvenation in aesthetics should not change the whole face, they should only remove the negative expressions of aging. »

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