Bio slimming | contour improvement| anti-cellulite | forever 39

Bio slimming |  contour improvement|  anti-cellulite |  forever 39

Here in the south of France I prefer to walk in shorts or something else light. Unfortunately, a tight figure does not come naturally to me and I am a real Burgundian. I therefore have to watch what I eat, because otherwise those 10 kilos (which I lost years ago) will be back on in no time. I also keep a close eye on the latest developments in the field of treatments. So when Maureen from the PR agency Pure Beauty asked me if I wanted to try a slimming Bioslimming treatment, I didn’t have to think twice. Let’s go!

What is bio slimming?

I can imagine you’ve never heard of bioslimming. But when I tell you that Lieke van Lexmond and Yolanthe are also fans of Bioslimming, you’ll probably want to know more about it. So listen up. Bioslimming is a body contouring program that uses slimming and tightening (natural) substances. Think of high concentrations of plant extracts, pure essential oils, algae extracts and caffeine. The essential oils provide lipolysis and fat burning in the second skin layer and the other ingredients stimulate drainage and circulation. You are rubbed with it, wrapped and then massaged. That is the core of this award winning treatment. With the aim of a slimmer silhouette, less cellulite and better blood circulation. Sounds good, right?

How is the bioslimming treatment going?

I underwent the treatment at the Amsterdam salon Beautyvibes, of which Gorjana is the owner. After a lovely fresh cup of mint water, she gave me a kind of paper string. Which I did wrong at first, seriously! After that, pictures were taken in the paper nothing. Ahem, not so elegant, but so handy to be able to see the difference afterwards. Then the real work began. Gorjana smeared 2 strong-smelling natural substances on me, after which she wrapped me in a kind of cling film. I got a bit of associations with a ready-made marinated roulade, haha… After that everything got nice and warm under the plastic, a sign that something was happening. After about half an hour the foil was allowed to come off and a third gel was massaged in.

bio slimming

Gorjana & me

My experience with Bioslimming

How did I experience the treatment? Well, it was quite pleasant. Gorjana is knowledgeable and knows exactly what she is doing. During the treatment it all starts to sting and tingle a bit and you feel that the substances are doing their job. At the beginning of the treatment I also experienced a warm feeling, comparable to a light sunburn. I also liked the massage, although I also got very cold. I thought it was just me, because I’m such a cold ass that I spend most of the year under a down comforter. But that’s part of it, Gorjana assured me. Because of the last gel you get cold. This in contrast to the previous gels, which made me warm. This gets the blood circulation going well and that is exactly the intention.

The result after my Bioslimming treatment

Of course I was very curious about the result of this special treatment. I noticed in my body that something had really been set in motion, but I also wanted to see that reflected in rock-solid results. Luckily we still had the pictures and they clearly showed a difference. Unfortunately I can’t share all of these with you, because then it gets a bit too meaty with me in my paper thong :-). But since I don’t want to be completely squeamish, I enlarged my right hip (viewed from the back).

bio slimmingLeft is before the treatment and right after. Do you see the difference in the arrows? Well, I do; I see a more streamlined hip after the Bioslimming treatment. It all just slips a little bit. My skin also feels like velvet. I did not expect that you could have such an effect after 1 treatment. It is advised to do about 6 treatments in a course of treatment. So I’m very curious how good the result will be!

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