Beef fillet potatoes— Chinese nutritious healthy recipes

Beef fillet potatoes

Beef fillet potatoes


large piece of beef fillet

small potatoes



star anise

bay leaves

ginger slices

node chives

30 g of sugar candy

piece of cinnamon


garlic cloves

tbsp rice wine (glutinous)

10 g Sichuan peppercorn

tbsp Shaoxing wine

small dried red chilis

10 g of tea leaves Tieguanyin

tbsp light soy sauce

tbsp dark soy sauce





Steps of beef fillet potatoes:

Wash and cut
beef fillet pieces. Put water in a pan, add the Sichuan peppercorns and beef tenderloin.


the boiling water, add 4 tbsp Shaoxing wine. Cook beef until there floating
scum, then remove beef.


Wash in warm water and remove beef floating scum, then drain and put them


Heat the sunflower oil in the pan, add ginger, garlic, dried red peppers, star
anise, cinnamon, bay leaves, tsaoko, Tieguanyin  tea leaves and fried all .


the beef and stir-fry until the beef sides are a bit yellow and contractile.
Then add 2 tbsp of Shaoxing wine, 2 tbsp light soy sauce, 2 tbsp dark soy sauce
to color the beef. Adding an amount of water and chives, rice wine, rock sugar
and cook until just bubbling.


Place all ingredients and water in a pressure cooker and cook for 10 minutes.
Do not open the pressure cooker until the beef naturally cool.


Remove and ground beef in a pot, add soup filtered with the filtration system.


8. Inflicted the potatoes into strips and put them in the soil pot, cook over high heat until boiling,
then cover the soil pot and cook over medium heat for 40 minutes until the
potatoes are tender. When beef is crisp but not reduced to shreds, switch to
cook on high heat until the soup is thick. Finally, add the right amount of
salt, stir and enjoy this Chinese food 
beef fillet potatoes.

Chinese food potato for your natural health and cures:

1. Through the coordination of the heater, stomach, spleen, promote the excretion of water: potatoes are rich in starch, protein, vitamin B, vitamin C, can promote the digestive function of the spleen and stomach.

2. Lowering blood glucose and blood lipid, stay beautiful: potato body can provide a lot of mucus protein has a special role in the protection of digestive tract, respiratory tract, maintain lubrication, joint cavity and serosa, prevent blood vessel system of fat deposition, maintain vascular elasticity, is conducive to the prevention of atherosclerosis of the arteries. For the earth and alkaline vegetables, can promote the body acid-base balance, acidic substances produced by metabolism. Potato consumption, thus play a role in the maintenance of beauty and anti-aging, those who regularly eat potatoes will be health and aging slowly.

3. Supplementary nutrition, can be used as a staple food: potato contains rich vitamins and trace elements, such as calcium, potassium, and easy to digest and absorb. She is rich in nutrition, so it can provide a large amount of heat, the human body and therefore, we can maintain the life and health of potatoes and milk. In American and Europe,especially in North America, potato has become the second staple food for a long time.

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