Baths of Brides-les-Bains in France: Slimming, Yoga and Thalassotherapy

Baths of Brides-les-Bains in France: Slimming, Yoga and Thalassotherapy

A masterful revival.

After more than 2 years of work and 14.9 million euros of investment (including 200KE from the Departmental Council of Savoie), the Baths of Brides-les-Bains are making a great comeback.

Brides-les-Bains is the first spa resort for losing weight and treating rheumatism in France. Two major offers are available: 18-day approved spa treatments and access to the Grand Spa Thermal in Brides-les-Bains with short slimming and well-being treatments.

In the heart of the village, the Grand Spa Thermal has just been enriched with a quantum space of 600M2 with a 25m swimming lane, an 18m leisure pool with 2 jacuzzis, 2 bubble beds, underwater jets, 6 swan necks, all on 2,700 m2 of spaces slimming treatments and activities. Which makes it one of the largest thermal spas in France.

All the slimming programs have also been redesigned by integrating a holistic dimension with, in particular, the insertion of mindful breathing or even yoga sessions. Also try the aquafitness pool with 5 devices and 3 accessories: aquaback, aquapullpress, aquarotation, aquabike and aquadip…

This nutrition, also new with a space of 600m2 which has doubled, 1 conference room with 200 seats, 1 cooking workshop room and 1 therapeutic workshop space.

The Nutritional Center offers real health learning with now 1 nutritional interview, 1 assessment and 1 workshop of your choice systematically included in the two slimming cures.

A hydrotherapy of the future

In this resort where 62% of spa guests come treat overweight and rheumatismBrides ensures a very comfortable care pathway by bringing together almost all care and activities in a single unit.

The new equipment now includes two thermal pools, a space dedicated to poultices, local hand/feet ovens and in Salins les Thermes one of the largest painkiller pool in France (In March 2018, it will accommodate 8 new water bath cabins current). A total of 2,400 m2 of space for agreed cures.

One of the novelties for 2018 is undeniably the “Ideal Program”. It combines four effective factors against overweight:

  • drink cure,
  • appetite suppressant,
  • thermal treatments,
  • dietary support
  • and adapted physical activities

and benefits from a multidisciplinary team: dietitian, sports educator, physiotherapist, hydrotherapist who provide personalized advice and attentive listening.

We like: the 600m2 Nutrition Space

Baths of Brides-les-Bains

BP 14 – 73573 Brides-les-Bains Cedex

+33 (0)4 79 55 23 44

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