Do you also suffer from the best present hills under your eyes, aka bags under your eyes? Don’t worry, there’s something you can do about it! Read on for the tips from skin therapist Silvia Scheurwater.

Do you suffer from bags under the eyes?

Skin therapist Silvia Scheurwater of the Van Rosmalen clinic: we like a nice glance, because this ensures a fresh look. Yet we all suffer from bags or dark circles under the eyes from time to time. Especially as you get older, the skin under your eyes can become thinner and thinner, because subcutaneous connective tissue and fat decrease. Fat and moisture are difficult to treat. Fat can possibly be removed with an eyelid correction, but fluid comes and goes. Fortunately, something can be done about it. This way it is better to avoid sleeping on your stomach. And at our clinic we offer numerous treatments and products that actually do something against bags and dark circles.

What treatments are there?


In the clinic we reduce wrinkles in the lower eyelids by relaxing the muscle underneath with Botox ®. This gives a fresh, open view and is also preventive towards the future.


We treat a deep tear trough (dark circle or circle) with injectables/fillers. This makes the depth disappear and creates a beautiful transition in the face. The tired look disappears almost immediately. See the lady in the main photo as a good example. Her tear troughs have been treated with injectable fillers. Because the tear troughs are no longer visible, shadows no longer fall in the face. Result: a fresh and rested look.

Knowing more? Click on the video to see how the above treatments work. Ps the text continues below the video.

ST laser treatment (Skin tightening)

Besides the above treatment, there are more options. The non-invasive ST laser treatment is, for example, very suitable for firming and lifting the sagging skin around the eyes. What exactly is this for? As we age, our collagen decreases. The skin becomes flabby and thin. To slow down this process, the non-invasive ST laser treatment is very suitable for firming and lifting the sagging skin around the eyes. The ST laser uses a combination of infrared light source (700 – 2000 nm) and bipolar radio frequency. To combat skin sagging and improve skin texture, a large amount of energy is directed to the deeper layers of the skin and to the collagen. The body responds to this by producing new collagen. Collagen serves for the firmness of our skin.

The skin will not only be strengthened by the treatment. Due to the tightening effect, fine lines disappear and superficial wrinkles become softer and less deep. The result is a healthy and thicker skin and a slowdown in your aging process. You should repeat this treatment several times for an optimal effect.


If there is an excess of skin surplus, a surgical correction is necessary. With a lower eyelid correction, an incision is made just below the lash line, leaving hardly a visible scar. During the procedure, a strip of skin and any excess fat is removed. In the second instance, the loss of volume, which causes the dark circle, can sometimes be corrected with injectables. This makes the transition from the lower eyelids to the cheeks even more beautiful. The goal is for the lower eyelids to look super natural. A combination of treatments always ensures a most natural result together with the skin products.

Beautiful skin starts at home

You can also fight against bags under the eyes and dark circles at home by protecting the skin daily against harmful external influences. Silvia: I gladly recommend the Innoderm Hyalu serum. This product consists of the following ingredients: hyaluronic acid (moisturizing and anti-aging), oligopeptides (stimulates collagen), caffeine (antioxidant and brightening). Innoderm Hyalu serum slows down the aging process and ensures that your skin under the eyes remains beautiful and firm. It is important to use a mineral sun protection product every day as a top layer.

In short, there are quite a few options if you want to get rid of your bags. Thank you for your enlightening story, Silvia!

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