Argan oil, natural anti-aging | Health Magazine

Argan oil, natural anti-aging |  Health Magazine

In natural cosmetics brands, certain oils and vegetable ingredients are at the heart of the ranges. Normal, they have been the champions of beauty for hundreds of years.

Women have always used shea butter or argan oil to take care of them. So let’s talk about argan oil, with Didier Thévenin, training manager at Melvita.

Essential components

If we look at argan oil under a microscope, here is what we see:

  • Omega-6 up to 34%. It’s a lot ! Those omegas are part of the so-called essential fatty acids, that is to say that the body does not manufacture them itself, so it needs an external contribution.
  • Omega-9s, the very ones found in sebum. Be careful, sebum is not a dirty word! If it’s a nightmare, an anti-aging treatment.

    Face, body, hair: how to apply it?

    Handling vegetable oil, especially when you are not used to it, requires workouts. First you will overdo it, you will shine like a beacon, and then after two or three times you will find the perfect dosage, the one that suits you.

    • For the face. Objective: nourish without greasing. The right gesture: First, spray a little orange blossom or rose floral water on the face. Leave the face damp then apply the equivalent of 3 or 4 drops of argan oil, first by pressure then by movements always from the bottom of the face upwards. The face is a bit too greasy after application? Absorb with a paper towel.
    • For the body. Objective: to degumming the crocodile skin. The right gesture: exfoliate to remove dead skin, then spray the body with rose floral water, then massage with a few drops of argan oil. Finally, apply a little moisturizing body milk.
    • For hair. Objective: to get a shiny mane. The right gesture: on damp hair, with a few drops of heated argan oil in your hand, smooth the ends and the lengths. Apply a lukewarm towel to the head to promote the penetration of active ingredients.

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