Argan oil: a blessing for skin and hair

Argan oil: a blessing for skin and hair

Argan oil has been hot for a while and pretty much every women’s magazine has already written about it. I was not really familiar with this so-called liquid gold, which seems to be a boon for skin and hair. High time for a further investigation! That’s why I tested Moroccanoil’s argan oil. Read all about argan oil and my opinion about the oil from Moroccanoil in this article.

What is Argan Oil?

Argan oil is an oil made from nuts of the Argan tree. It only grows in 1 place in the world; ie in the Southwest of Morocco. The nuts are processed by hand, which makes the whole process quite expensive. Argan oil is not called liquid gold for nothing. The oil of the nut is so popular because it has special qualities. It is full of essential fatty acids, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. A real blessing for skin and hair.

What can you use Argan oil for?

Argan oil for your hair

Argan oil is versatile. For example, it is recommended as a solution for frizzy and brittle hair. The oil makes your hair more bouncy and less frizzy. Argan oil can also be used purely for the shine in the hair.

Argan oil on the skin

There are not only advantages when it comes to taking care of your hair. Argan oil is also known as a reliable skin care agent. It hydrates like a charm. It also helps against pimples and other imperfections. It also acts as a UV protector and protects against free radicals. Sounds like an ideal remedy for skin aging!

Which Argan oil is the best?

Nowadays there are quite a few brands of Argan oil for sale. There is nothing wrong with that in itself, but you do have to make sure that you buy a good product. Please read the label carefully. Unfortunately, there are quite a few products that mainly consist of (chemical) additives, while they still call themselves real Argan oil. So you better avoid it. Go for ‘the real thing’ if you are looking for a pure Argan oil, so with 100% argan!


Moroccanoil is a company that uses argan oil in all their products. They have hair and body care products in their range. I wanted to try pure Argan oil, so I tested their Pure Argan oil. This oil consists of, as the name suggests, 100% argan oil. It comes in a transparent bottle with a pipette, which makes it easy to dose.

My Experience with Moroccanoil Argan Oil


I used the Argan oil all over my body, right after showering. After applying the oil, it is quickly absorbed by the skin. Especially on my legs and arms it was as it were slurped up, which in itself is not so strange with those bone-dry limbs of mine. Not in vain, because within a few minutes I saw and felt a silky skin with a beautiful shine. The scent was not too overpowering, a little nutty.

White flakes

Last summer I suddenly noticed white dryness flakes around my ankle. Ahhhh, a nice test area for my Argan oil, I immediately thought happily. I just dripped 2 drops on my ankle and rubbed them in gently. And it helped like a magic wand. The flakes were, in fact, changed – faded for the rest of the summer. So great!


Argan oil in dry hair

I also wanted to test the oil for my hair, of course. At the end of the summer, that strobos could use some extra care…. I tried it on dry hair first. Unfortunately, this didn’t quite have the desired effect. After 6 drops it looked as if I urgently needed another wash. This application is probably more suitable for a full head of curly Mediterranean hair, but certainly not for this blond cheese head. Or maybe I should use a little less of it, that’s also possible.

How about the argan oil in damp hair?

That was much better. I put a few drops in the ends after washing and the effect was “wow” when my hair was dry. I no longer had coarse, frizzy hair, but it just fell beautifully and gracefully against my face. It also shone very subtly, without looking greasy. Even the next day, my hair still looked kissable. In short, I like!!!!

argan oil


I am convinced that argan oil is a good addition to your daily beauty ritual. With me, the oil gets a permanent place on the sink. It gives a big boost to dehydrated skin. It is also a top product for your hair. Just have to figure out how to apply it, to avoid ‘cup frying fat’ situations, haha! But once you’ve found the right application for your hair, it can work wonders. Furthermore, make sure that you choose a high-quality oil. The Pure Arganoil from Moroccanoil falls under that as far as I’m concerned. This is available at De Bijenkorf, among others, for 52.00 euros for 50 ml.

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