Do you know if your hormones are in balance? Or maybe you suffer from mood swings, unexplained weight gain or sagging skin? Then it could be that your hormones are not functioning properly. So it is very important to know how your hormones are doing. So when I recently received an invitation from Holland Health Clinic to have my hormones checked, I immediately said yes. Read all about my hormone check here.


Hormones are very important helpers in your body. They affect your appearance, thinking ability, internal functions, and emotional stability. So you benefit from a well-functioning hormone system. If your hormones are not in balance, you may suffer from mood swings, weight gain, stress or sagging skin. To know for sure how your hormones are, have them checked during an exam. After this, you can take targeted action to remedy the complaints, by adjusting your lifestyle or following hormone therapy. For example, hormone replacement therapy can make life a lot more pleasant. And don’t worry, this isn’t dangerous. Provided you let yourself be guided by an expert doctor and take bioidentical hormones. Bioidentical hormones are hormones that have exactly the same chemical formula as the body’s own hormones.

Dr. Marguerite explains it all in great detail

the check

I had already visited Holland Health Clinic once to have my general health tested. See here for the previous article I wrote about this. This time I came especially for charting my hormones. First of all, I filled out a questionnaire with Dr Marguerite about my overall health and lifestyle. For example about my sleep rhythm, eating pattern and exercise. A blood sample was also taken for an extensive analysis in the laboratory. Finally, I was allowed to go on the scale and my belly fat was measured. Within an hour the check was ready and I was outside again.

blood test

Various values ​​are tested during the blood draw. It concerns the 7 most important hormones, cholesterol, and kidney and thyroid function. This charts the so-called cardiovascular risk profile. Of course I was very curious about my blood test. Blood values ​​are objective and let you know exactly how the flag is for it. First of all, the hormones. They’re all more or less okay with me, so that’s nice. The other blood values ​​were also neat and not unusual. Not much new under the sun, but that’s a good thing.

holland health clinic hormones check

the questionnaire

belly fat

My abdomen was also measured during my visit to the clinic. My waist circumference appears to have decreased by about 13 centimeters, yes! This can be explained by my Coolsculpting treatments and the fact that I started to move a lot more (especially strength training). I also eat large portions of vegetables every day. Even so, my belly fat percentage is still on the high side and it could really go down a bit. But it is not completely inexplicable, because I have quite a weakness for high-calorie nuts. Delicious, all those walnuts, Brazil nuts and peanuts (not real nuts, but still)…… The recommended amount of a handful per day, I easily exceed 3 or 4 times. Well, that doesn’t really help.


The survey also showed that my alcohol consumption is still above the norm. It is the intention that as a woman you drink a maximum of 7 units per week. To be honest, I am nowhere near reaching this standard, with all those delicious wines here in the South of France…. This also doesn’t really help with reducing my belly fat ;-).


Following all the studies, Dr. Marguerite gave me tailor-made advice to improve my health. One major focus, you guessed it, is reducing my waist size. I could achieve this by halving my daily dose of nuts (gasp…). Furthermore, it is really important to reduce my alcohol consumption to a maximum of 7 units per week. In any case, the latter will become a lot easier now that the summer season is over. I also try to eat nuts more consciously.


With the hormone check you get a thorough and substantiated insight into the status of your hormones. This is especially important for women, because sooner or later we run into menopause. With all the possible hormonal inconveniences that entails. By mapping out any imbalance, you can effectively do something about it, for example through hormone supplementation. The check also pushes you to the facts, so that you can make better choices in terms of lift style. It can also delay or prevent future hormonal discomforts. In short, I can wholeheartedly recommend having your hormones checked!

Would you like more information about the hormone check? Then see the Holland Health Clinic website

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