Are you buying a jade roller or rose quartz face roller?

Are you buying a jade roller or rose quartz face roller?

A frequently asked question is whether we should buy a jade face roller or a rose quartz roller. Below, we’ll go through these questions point by point to help you make your decision.

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The difference between jade and rose quartz crystals

Both Jade Crystal and Rose Quartz are non-porous making them hygienic for use on the skin unlike some softer stones. Both do not absorb the products applied to the skin with the treatment and are therefore easy to clean.

Jade Roller including the Anti-Aging Jade Roller are traditionally made from the nephrite jade, which has been quarried in four key regions of China for several thousand years. This differs from the cheaper serpentine stone sometimes referred to as “false jade” from India and the Afgan region, which is much softer and easier to carve. Fake jade tends to leach its color over time, which is often the first time customers realize they have actually purchased fake jade.

Jade rollers are traditionally hand carved by skilled artisans. The jade is soft enough that when worked by skilled hands, it can be turned into beautiful jade scrolls with minimal breakage. When buying a jade roller, make sure that the jade is not chemically treated. This is a bit of a modern industrial trick, as it changes the chemistry of the stone, making it softer, easier to carve and therefore cheaper to produce. Of course, once the chemistry of the crystal has changed, the properties of the treatment will also change.

Rose quartz is a harder and more brittle crystal than jade, making it more difficult to carve. It is more prone to breaking during the carving process. This is more than the cost of the raw crystal and is the main reason real rose quartz rollers are more expensive than jade rollers.

Once the rose quartz crystal is carved it creates an almost mirror-like finish that is so smooth. Again, beware of dealers who chemically treat their rose quartz crystals to make them easier to carve. This process changes the chemistry of the crystal and is not recommended for crystal rollers that spend a lot of time in contact with your skin.

Spiritual properties of rose quartz and traditional beliefs about jade

Jade was the traditional stone of beauty, wealth and power in ancient China. Due to its rarity and difficulty in obtaining it, it was more expensive than gold in ancient China. Men wore jade brooches to symbolize their position and indirectly their wealth. Women of influence and power wore jade articles in their hair, used jade combs, and groomed their skin with jade rollers and Jade Gua Sha Tools.

The ancient Chinese had a different understanding of the lines and folds we all develop. Their traditional spiritual systems and divination were more intertwined with daily life. As part of these systems, traditional Chinese face reading believed that each blemish on the face reflected different aspects of a person’s health and destiny. Marks on different parts of the face represented problems at different ages, and different wrinkles represented health problems with different organs.

We may not share all of these beliefs today, but it is important to understand that many ancient Chinese actually believed that they could not only improve their appearance, but also change their health and possibly their destiny by reducing the appearance of wrinkles or blemishes in their skin reduce their faces .

With this in mind, it’s easy to see how seriously these anti-aging techniques were taken and why an effective beauty tool like the jade roller would become so valuable.

Qi or energy was considered the source of all energy and healthy qi would be reflected in glowing skin. The modern urge to affirm the link between health and beauty would not have escaped the ancient Chinese. Essentially, jade scrolls were believed to enhance the healthy flow of qi in the area and balance the opposing forces of yin and yang.

This belief in the use of jade rollers to improve qi flow explains several facets of the jade roller’s use and manufacture to this day.

The qi in the face was believed to flow from left to right, so all treatments begin on the left side and then continue on the right side to enhance this natural flow. All treatments have also been rolled upwards and outwards to lift qi (think sagging skin) and stretch the skin outwards.

The scrolls were always made with brass clasps, as this metal was believed to conduct qi better, so the connection between hand and face was not lost. The rollers and gua sha were also kept in silk-lined boxes, not only as a further affirmation of wealth and luxury, but also because it was believed to have better qi flow than other materials.

Rose quartz has not traditionally been used to make beauty rollers for the face. However, rose quartz has a long history of being associated with beauty and love in European and North African traditions.

Spiritually, rose quartz is considered the stone of love. It is believed to promote unconditional love, open the heart and create harmony in relationships. This use of the crystal as a stone of love appears to be common to ancient Chinese, Tibetan, Egyptian and Greek cultures and can be traced back to at least 600 BC. be traced back.

Rose quartz crystal is often mentioned in legends. In fact, in an ancient Greek legend, rose quartz was bestowed upon mankind by Eros and Cupid in hopes that its beautiful pink color would inspire love and desire. In another ancient Egyptian legend, Isis used rose quartz to enliven her divine youth and beauty.

Both crystals have been inspiring people for thousands of years, and while rose quartz has only recently been used in beauty rollers, it’s easy to see why it’s such an appealing option.

Rose Quartz Roller and Jade Roller Design

Experienced crafters can now create a variety of reel designs using both crystals. Whichever crystal you choose, be sure to use thicker brass clamps. Don’t buy rollers with thin wire staples, which break easily and often have jagged edges that can tear the skin.

If you are a traditionalist, make sure real silk is used in the box. This is very rare as even most reels that claim to use silk lined boxes use fake silk which is difficult to spot to the untrained eye.

Beyond that, the most important thing is to choose a design that resonates with you and that you will want to use long after all the fancy marketing has faded from your memory.

Jade Face Roller Techniques and Rose Quartz Roller Results

From a purely mechanical point of view, both can be used very similarly. The ancient Chinese produced very detailed patterns in which to roll the reels to get the best results. These will be demonstrated at the Anti-Aging DVDs available with all crystal reel packs.

These patterns were not developed for the Rose Quartz rollers, but can be applied to these more modern rollers with equally good results

From a western medical point of view, both jade rollers and rose quartz rollers improve microcirculation, improve lymphatic drainage, and tighten tired, sagging skin. Both visibly enhance the appearance with little effort in a pleasant way.

Different users believe that one or the other works better based on personal beliefs and experience, but from as objective a position as possible, both will produce fabulous results with regular use.

Conclusion – Jade Roller VS Rose Quartz Roller

Both jade rollers and rose quartz rollers visibly improve skin quality. Both crystals have a long and distinguished history of aesthetic use. When made properly, both will last a lifetime and add a beautiful and pleasing touch of luxury to any beauty regimen.

The decision really comes down to personal choice. The jade scrolls are the more traditional scroll bearings with a long and well-documented history of successful use in China. The Rose Quartz Rollers are a more modern adaptation of a traditional beauty program love stone. Ultimately, you should buy what appeals to you the most and what you are most likely to use on a daily basis to get the excellent results that are on offer.

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