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Fill in disturbing wrinkles around the mouth, eyes and lines in the cheeks with a relatively simple treatment to restore volume loss in the face. Resulting in a fresh and youthful appearance. It is not without reason that injectable treatments are popular for treating wrinkles. But what exactly does this treatment entail? What are the risks? And how do you know if your doctor is sufficiently qualified? Reason for Forever39 to ask cosmetic doctor Dr. Shai Rambaran of the Van Rosmalen clinic about these “miracle workers”.

What are injectables?

Shai: Injectables help against wrinkles: fillers (based on hyaluronic acid and collagen) and botulinum toxin (or: Botox). Both are temporary in nature and are inserted with a syringe. In order to maintain the beautiful result, you will have to undergo a re-treatment over time.

What is the difference between fillers and Botox?

In the clinic we use fillers to fill wrinkles, but also to make the skin more even, for example by removing scars. Botulinum toxin reduces muscle activity, making wrinkles less visible. We inject a filler with a very thin needle or cannula under the skin. We inject botulinum toxin directly into the muscles to, for example, fill in wrinkles around the eyes, in the forehead or frown. With a filler we can also treat superficial lines around the mouth and wrinkles between the nasolabial folds. The result of a filler or botulinum toxin treatment is immediately visible: a more youthful appearance and fresh look.

By the way, I work with different types of fillers, because for correcting wrinkles around the mouth or redefining lip contours I use a different filler (and amount) than when filling lines in the cheeks.

What can you do about overtreatment?

Shai: in the clinic we avoid overtreatment (too many fillers) and we go for a natural look. You should always avoid an overfilled face. Nevertheless, I sometimes see patients who have been treated elsewhere with too many fillers. It gives them an unnatural appearance. Fortunately, we can solve the excess fillers within a few days. But prevention is of course always better than cure.

How do you enjoy the treatment for longer?

It is very important to make your skin firm, so that the effect of a treatment lasts longer. I always tell my patients beautiful skin starts at home. And recommend the use of cosmeceuticals to my patients. These products contain a higher concentration of active ingredients, such as hyaluron, retinol or collagen, than in regular skin care products.

Are there any drawbacks to injectable treatments?

Shai: As with any needle treatment, you run some risk of swelling and bruising, because our face is very sensitive due to the many fine blood vessels around the mouth and eyes. Swelling and bruising disappear after a few days. Furthermore, the doctor must be experienced enough to avoid overtreatment.

Are fillers safe?

Using temporary injectables is safe as opposed to permanent injectables. We do not work with permanent fillers in the clinic. Because this does have a number of drawbacks: they consist of non-degradable components and therefore there is a greater risk of hardening, capsularization, increasing swelling and inflammation and granulomas (inflammatory reactions).

Temporary injectables consist of completely biological, degradable substances. Because the body breaks down the substance very slowly, the result gradually decreases. After 6-9 months it is time for a new treatment if you want to maintain the beautiful result. In the clinic we opt for a phased treatment plan in which the desired result is built up more slowly, but is more sustainable.

How do you make sure you choose the right doctor?

The market for botulinum toxin and fillers (injectables) is large in the Netherlands. Are you interested in an injectable treatment? Then choose a clinic that is affiliated with the NVCG (Dutch Association of Cosmetic Medicine) because the NVCG sets high quality standards for cosmetic doctors. The NVCG represents the recognized cosmetic doctors in the Netherlands, who meet the highest quality requirements. It is the only medical discipline that focuses 100% on cosmetic procedures. In order to gain insight into the number of botox and filler treatments, and the number of complications, the NVCG also has an annual survey among its own members.

Read more about this subject?

Tom Decates, cosmetic doctor and member of the Dutch Association of Cosmetic Medicine (NVCG) conducted research into the use of filler treatments. The results have been published in the scientific journal ‘Journal of the European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology’.

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