Do you really want to keep your skin in top shape and postpone wrinkles for as long as possible? Then according to skin therapist Silvia Scheurwater, the daily use of 2 certain products is indispensable. One you probably know, but the other is far from known to everyone. Read on quick.

Causes of skin aging

No less than 90% of premature skin aging is caused by harmful external influences. This is not only UV radiation, but also air pollution. Yet many people only use a product with an SPF (sun protection factor aka sunscreen) to protect their skin. But an SPF only protects against UV radiation. Often this product is also only used during sunny days. But with this you really do your skin too short and you promote the formation of wrinkles, among other things. I asked skin therapist Silvia Scheurwater of the Van Rosmalenkliniek about this and how you can better protect your skin.

Silvia, why is just an SPF not enough against skin aging?

In addition to UV radiation, air pollution, infrared radiation, smoking and stress also have a negative impact on your skin. These influences cause an oxidation process, resulting in free radicals. These free radicals cause your collagen to dissolve, resulting in skin sagging and aging. Broad spectrum sun protection SPF50 only blocks 55% of free radicals caused by UV radiation. And not the rest of the destructive free radicals caused by other external influences. For this you need a product with a strong antioxidant (EPF). EPF stands for “environmental protection factor”. It is a certified measure of a properly formulated, stabilized antioxidant. So always start your day with a combination of both an SPF and an EPF. For example, as a good EPF, I can recommend the antioxidants of Skinceuticals.

Why should you also use an SPF when the sun isn’t shining?

UV-A radiation penetrates right through the clouds and glass. That is why you should not only protect your skin in the summer, but daily (even on cloudy days). To prevent the aging of your skin as much as possible, continuous protection against UV rays is therefore a must.

Any other tips for glowing skin?

Silvia: you get the best result by tackling your skin from multiple sides. This means good protection, regular stimulation, the right skincare (cosmeceuticals) and make-up that does not clog your skin. Skincare is very important and can do a lot for your skin if you use the right thing. Ingredients such as glycolic acid, vitamin C and retinol/vitamin A acid play an important role in this. You can also bring the skin into top condition by regularly visiting the skin therapist or cosmetic doctor.

More anti-wrinkle tips:

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