Anti-wrinkle: the diet to keep a luminous face

Anti-wrinkle: the diet to keep a luminous face

“The skin needs nutritional balance and a healthy lifestyle,” says Dr. Marie-Pierre Hill-Sylvestre, dermatologist. No scientific study has identified a miracle food capable of erasing wrinkles with a magic gum stroke. But a diet “approaching the mediterranean diet » provides essential micronutrients.

With age, the skin becomes increasingly sensitive to oxidation. Thus, exposure to the sun, to tobacco and – probably – to atmospheric pollutants, triggers an inflammation which accelerates the aging of cells. Choosing foods rich in antioxidant vitamins and minerals, favoring certain fats and avoiding excess sugar, helps to curb this phenomenon.

Finally, theskin hydration also comes from what we drink. A liter to a liter and a half is necessary every day, in the form of water, green or black tea (for their richness in antioxidant compounds) or infusions.

Seasonal products

“Buy fresh products and cook them as little as possible”, recommends Dr. Hill-Sylvestre, to preserve their micronutrients as much as possible.

The vitamin C, renowned for its antioxidant properties, accelerates the synthesis of collagen (a compound of the skin which gives it its resistance) and stimulates microcirculation, therefore the good oxygenation of the tissues. Winter is the peak season for citrus (oranges, lemons, grapefruit, clementines…). Take advantage of them, they are full of vitamin C. Dr. Hill-Sylvestre also recommends kiwi, cauliflower or red cabbage.

antioxidant pigments

In her basket, Véronique Liégeois, dietitian-nutritionist, adds “Very colorful fruits and vegetables like the carrotsthe peppersthe spinach where the broccoli “. Their healthy glow is due to a pigment, carotene, part of which will be transformed in the body into vitamin A, an important antioxidant for the skin.

As to small red fruits (currants, blackcurrants, blueberries…), they contain flavonoids which improve the elasticity of blood vessels. The microcirculation being stimulated, the complexion clears up.

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Gentle cooking

To prepare these fruits and vegetables and make the most of their vitamins, Véronique Liégeois favors steaming or wok cooking and advises “to alternate raw and cooked”.

As for the quantities, “fruits and vegetables must be present at all meals. Count two to three fruits and two to three servings of vegetables per day. »

good fats

“Often, women reduce the fatty substances in their diet too much”, regrets the dietician. Error ! Some lipids are essential for the skin.

  • the butter contains a lot of vitamin A.
  • The margarine and vegetal oils made from sunflower, grapeseed, olives or walnuts are rich in vitamin E, a powerful antioxidant.
  • Omega-3 fatty acids, found in linseedrapeseed or olive oil, and some Pisces (mackerel, sardines, salmon, etc.), act on cell membranes and contribute to tissue renewal.

How much should they be eaten?

“I recommend a daily intake of ten grams of butter for vitamin A, ten grams of rapeseed oil (1 tablespoon) for omega-3 and 10 grams of olive oil for vitamin E”, says Véronique Liégeois.

anti-aging spices

  • The antioxidant and anti-inflammatory compounds so beneficial to the skin are also found in aromatics : thyme, savory, parsley, basil... Just sprinkle it on your dishes.
  • As for the spices cooked by Asians and Orientals, they have confirmed anti-aging properties. ” The turmeric seems to have a direct effect on the skin,” observes Dr. Hill-Sylvestre. No need to pour quantities on his plate. It is enough to follow the recommendations of the recipe and to consume it regularly.
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  • the chilli pepper is rich in vitamin C and capsaicin which, according to some studies, helps prevent cancer and contributes to longevity. Since our Western bodies are not used to it, Véronique Liégeois favors Espelette pepper, which is milder, and does not hesitate to sprinkle it on her fruit salads. We try ?

One detox day per week

To purify your body with a visible effect on the face, Dr. Hill-Sylvestre recommends treating yourself to a detox cure, once a week:

“On this day, you decide to eat only if you are hungry and to eat lots of green leafy vegetables, in the form of blended juices, soups or fresh salads. You can also adapt the guacamole recipe by adding parsley, kale, spinach to the avocado… It’s about having a less rich diet than usual and reducing the superfluous like sweets or starches. You can drink draining herbal teas made from artichoke, fumitory or dandelion. After this treatment, small skin imperfections may appear. But, after a few days, the complexion is much purer. These cures are particularly interesting in the off-seasons, in autumn and spring. »

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