Anti-cellulite: which cream is effective?

Anti-cellulite: which cream is effective?

Cellulite is a fatty deposits lodged under the epidermis and located most often on the buttockships, thighs or arms. It makes the skin look like“bumpy”which may be the cause of discomfort or physical complex. It more commonly affects women than men.

To make disappear what we also know “Orange peel”, or in any case to reduce it or avoid the appearance or aggravation of dimples, we generally focus on three axes:

  • A Healthy eating(a fatty and sugary diet promotes the appearance of cellulite) which can be combined with herbal medicine or a two-week targeted anti-cellulite food program;
  • From massage(lymphatic drainage, palpate-roll) or massagers (Cell M6, etc.);
  • Regular physical activityusually sports sessions that combine the gym to build muscle and “remodel” areas prone to cellulite (buttocks, hips, thighs) and cardio training for“dislodge” fats. Other sports such as water sports, cycling or skipping rope are also suitable.

The ideal is to combine this work with daily application of an anti-cellulite cream. Texture, components, massage cream, anti-cellulite oil… You still have to know which one to choose, and how to apply it correctly to take advantage of its effects. Tips from Dr Ana Beatris Rossi, dermatologist, clinical development manager Pierre Fabre.

What is the most effective anti-cellulite product for cellulite?

The secret of an effective anti-cellulite cream? “The success of good combinations of active ingredients that transform the formula into a complete treatment capable of acting on the different components of cellulite”.

Thus, caffeine is never alone. Withsalicylic acid, the final formula has the effect of promoting active ingredients in depth (Vichy). With some ruscus and escin extracts (Somatolin) or seaweed extracts (Daniel Jouvance, Sisley), caffeine becomes more draining.

There are studies on caffeine that demonstrate its ability to reach adipocytes in the hypodermis. What matters is how the studies demonstrating efficacy are conducted.

“Our protocol for Cellu Slim Nuit Elancyl was to make a 3D evaluation of the skin surface by comparing the measurements obtained on a thigh treated with the cream with respect to the other untreated thighsays Dr. Ana Beatris Rossi.

“And especially for 28 days, the 50 volunteers had to change nothing in their diet or in their activity. Thus, we had the guarantee that the significant reduction in the depth of the dimples observed was not due to diet or otherwise, but to the product”.

Do cellulite creams work? What cream to use?

The effectiveness of the skilful balance of molecules depends above all on the final galenicof the product texture which will or will not allow the active ingredients to penetrate the skin and spread to the adipocytes.

While remaining sufficiently on the surface to allow a good massage time, without lint, without leaving residue and… without disappearing too quickly. Because an anti-cellulite cream that fluffs or disappears too quickly has a reduced effectiveness on dimples. As a result, we abandon it.

In theory, creamy balms are the most massaging, but progress in terms of textures is such that even certain serums allow massage (eg Vichy, Biotherm). It’s the novelty.

Also among the latest innovations are anti cellulite oils which firm the skin tissues, are smoothing and moisturizing. For better penetration of the anti-cellulite oil, we recommend exfoliating the skin beforehand to rid it of dead skin.

The best way to use your anti-cellulite cream

A dab of slimming anti-cellulite cream, 1 minute and a half per thigh : it is the right amount of application and the correct massage time that you have to devote to your slimming goal each day to see the effects.

The evaluation of the effectiveness of creams against cellulite is made under specific conditions (quantity, duration of the massage) that must be followed. However, we are often very far from it. The right gesture (often in diagrams on the packaging): feel rolling, kneading and smoothing. Circular massage movements are carried out with the fingertips going from the bottom to the top of the body.

The idea with this massage treatment, it is to oxygenate the skin layers to make them more receptive.

In addition: aquabiking to tone up in the water

Often, the application of a cream alone does not have any real results on the appearance “Orange peel”. From aquabiking sessions are to be coupled with the application of anti-cellulite creams. This is the winning solution! We pedal in the water on a bicycle installed in an individual bathtub or in a swimming pool.

Initially developed and validated for the medical treatment of lymphoedema, aquadrainage is a complete activity that drains, activates blood circulation, melts fat and loses calories. And in addition, it tones. The muscular effort provided to press the pedals and overcome the resistance of the water works the two agonist and antagonist muscle groups, the basis of vascular gymnastics.

The low water temperature (28°C) optimizes caloric loss by forcing the submerged body to provide more energy to maintain skin temperature at 34°C. Water currents continuously exert beneficial drainage on water retention. The limit is the small amount of fat lost per session. About 0.65 grams per minute, or about 20 grams after a 30-minute session.

The board : pedal without getting out of breath for 30 minutes. With this winning combo, say goodbye to your fat cells!

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