Anti-aging: the 6 treatments and gestures to know

Anti-aging: the 6 treatments and gestures to know

If the care is more and more specialized – thanks to the new active ingredients -, we must not forget that sleep remains the first anti-aging care. It is crucial for the youthfulness of our skin and yet, we lack it more and more. However, skin that lacks sleep ages faster. Our advice: reconnect with more natural rhythms, watch a relaxing orange-red sunset, and treat yourself to tailor-made beauty routines.

1. Choose a multifunctional day cream

An anti-aging day cream aims to protect the skin from all the aggressions of the day: dehydration, UV rays, pollution, free radicals, etc.

It is necessarily multifunctional since, at a minimum, it provides moisturizing active ingredients and an anti-aging active ingredient. But some go further by fighting against several aging factors such as spots and wrinkles. It is then a work of formulation. Either several active ingredients are integrated into the cream (anti-wrinkle hyaluronic acid combined with an anti-stain antioxidant, for example); or an active ingredient is selected for its versatility, such as vitamin C, a benchmark anti-ageing agent that works on complexion radiance, cell regeneration and firmness.

Should the day cream also contain UV protection? “If you live in a sunny region and you are often outdoors, you should choose a day cream with anti-UV protection,” says Dr. Véronique Gassia, dermatologist. “The protection must be anti-UVA, because it is UVA that makes you age”, specifies Christiane Montastier, doctor of pharmacy.

2. Massage her face like a pro

“The face is primarily muscles,” explains Floriane Guillé. Muscles that work constantly and end up tensing up, leading to expression lines. The more the massage will relax these muscles, the more the skin will be visibly smoother. »

To better penetrate the care as well as to stimulate the skin, here are three simple gestures to perform, to do once or twice a day when applying the care.

  • To smooth out a wrinkle: the goal is to plump it up. We pinch it perpendicularly to bring it out. Gestures should not be
    too soft, and if the skin reddens a little, don’t panic: it’s a sign that the tissues are “working”.
  • For forehead wrinkles: work with four fingers (without the thumb) and squeeze as if to release a blackhead.
  • To tone the neck: all movements are upwards. You can make big pinches starting from the neckline. “It doesn’t matter if it’s a little painful, it means that the tissues are stressed. » Also make big pinches going from the side towards the trachea. “Start from the neck: relaxing the trapezius will benefit the whole area. »

3 Do not skip the night cream

During the day, the skin is in “defense” mode. It is in the evening that she is most available to receive anti-aging active ingredients.

“It’s the treatment that will ‘recharge’ the skin and allow it to rebuild itself. In particular around 1 am, melatonin – the sleep hormone which is also a powerful antioxidant – reaches its peak of secretion and helps to repair cellular DNA. The skin benefits from this and we can boost this process with tailor-made active ingredients,” explains Christiane Montastier.

All active antioxidants are welcome in a night cream, and Dr. Gassia particularly recommends retinol skincarewhich is best applied in the evening, as they can be photosensitizing.

Floriane Guillé, beautician specializing in body sculpting, specifies to “drag the night cream down well on the neck and on the décolleté, where the skin is as thin as on the rest of the face”.

4. Take care of your eye contour

This is the part of the face where the skin is thinnest. Sensitive area obliges, the care is softer and the textures light.

“The eye contour marks very quickly,” explains Dr. Véronique Gassia. There are a lot of consultations for this area: dark circles, puffiness, wrinkles… I recommend appropriate care. Neither a cream that is too rich which could induce swelling, nor a treatment with active ingredients that are too aggressive, so as not to irritate it. »

The skin there is thin and puffiness appears from the age of 30. There are two reasons for this: the lymphatic circulation is less toned and the skin slowly begins to lose its firmness.
It is important to start applying appropriate care from the first signs of aging, to slow down the aging process as much as possible. We recommend doing a massage with a treatment, preferably in the morning, to refresh the eyes after the night.

The right gesture consists of applying your treatment by applying pressure in the following direction: from the head of the eyebrow, through the crow’s feet to finish at the inner corner of the eye, where the tear duct exits. Thrice. Then apply three strong pressures to the inner corner of the eye. Finish with gentle pinches on the pocket, from the outer corner to the inner corner and smooth in the other direction.

5. Apply a mask once a week

He signs his big comeback. Variety of textures, modes of application… Apply at least once a week.

“The mask is the essential complement to an anti-aging routine, explains Christiane Montastier. It is very interesting from a dermatological point of view. Whether the mask is woven, in cellulose or in hydrogel, it impregnates the skin with active ingredients thanks to the occlusive system created by the thick layer or the support. This property allows optimal penetration. »

The hydrogel maskswhich are particularly hydrating, cause the most superficial layer of the skin to swell (the stratum corneum) and the visual effect – smooth skin – is immediate.

Making a mask also means taking a break of 10 to 15 minutes. “It’s a positive step to take care of yourself,” adds Christiane Montastier.

6. Use a filler blurring product

The line between skincare and make-up is blurring, and these skincare products are the perfect example. They treat and camouflage at the same time. To obtain a result in one application, blurring or filling treatments are unbeatable.

  • Fillers contain active ingredients which, on contact with the skin, swell and create a mesh that visually blurs fine lines. “Most fillers contain hyaluronic acid of high molecular weight, which remains on the surface of the skin and swells on contact,” explains Christiane Montastier.
  • Blurring products are day care products that contain, in addition to care active ingredients, corrective pigments and silicones borrowed from make-up to smooth, give a healthy glow and radiance.

Sometimes categories merge and treatments blur, fill and smooth for maximum visual effect. Namely: these treatments are less suitable for the needs of the skin at night.

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