Anti-aging remedy: habits to adopt to slow down aging

Anti-aging remedy: habits to adopt to slow down aging

It’s a cliché, but everyone gets old! This natural and very progressive process affects each of our cells. Over time, they lose their ability to renew and the organs, such as the skin or the blood vessels, become a little less efficient. What the researchers tell us is that this phenomenon can be slowed down.

The objective is to target the mechanisms that lead to the production of free radicals, which cause cells to age prematurely. “The body is able to eliminate them up to a certain point, informs Dr. Véronique Buckenmeyer, anti-aging doctor. But it is overwhelmed when there are too many of them: it is oxidative stress.” Here’s how to delay the effects of time.

Bet on an anti-inflammatory cocktail to reboost the body

Why does it work? “Inflammation is the body’s normal reaction to aggression,” explains Dr. Buckenmeyer. But when it is triggered in an uncontrolled and lasting way, it tires the body and produces oxidative stress. Some dietary supplements can help fight it.

How do we do ? A food supplement containing a sufficiently effective dose of active ingredients is taken for 1 month.

Omega-3s: They participate in protecting against cardiovascular diseases and accelerated aging, because their anti-inflammatory efficacy is well documented. The body absolutely needs these omega-3s, especially ALA (2 g/day), EPA (250 mg/day) and DHA (250 mg/day). It is enough to eat fish twice a week, including once oily fish, to obtain enough EPA and DHA. But these recommendations are not easy to apply! Food supplements can then play a valuable role in rebalancing our intake.

Usage tips : It is recommended to take omega-3s based on fish oil, these are the most effective. Arkogélules Omega-3, about 15 €. Omega-3 Fleurance Nature, around €10

Turmeric: “It’s a powerful anti-inflammatory,” says Dr. Gérard Bersand, anti-aging physician. Researchers have shown that its anti-inflammatory potential is as powerful as that of aspirin, from 200 mg of curcumin (the active molecule of turmeric) per day.

Usage tips :It is recommended to pair turmeric with black pepper or bromelain because it is more effective. Turmeric 570 mg and black pepper, Vit’all +, around €30. Curcumaxx C+ extra strong, around €30.

Ginko biloba: Its leaves contain flavonoids and its strong antioxidant power is well established. In a meta-analysis carried out by researchers from the Quebec University of Concordia, it was cited among the most effective plants for delaying the effects of aging. By fighting against free radicals and improving blood circulation, it notably protects neurons from accelerated aging.

Usage tips : It is recommended to take 120 to 200 mg gingko biloba per day. It is only from this quantity that we observe results. Ginkgo Biloba, Superdiet, around €10, or organic Ginkgo Biloba, Bioptimal, around €13.

The Mediterranean diet is the must against aging!Rich in antioxidants and monounsaturated fatty acids, it is the most protective diet against aging. Fresh fruits and vegetables, olive oil, fish, legumes… Following these instructions increases the chances of living longer by 20%.

Move a little every day to regenerate DNA

Why does it work?Physical exercise relieves stress, maintains muscles, lungs, blood vessels… and even DNA. Professor Nir Barzilai, American doctor specializing in longevity, explains that physical exercise stimulates the production of telomerase. This enzyme allows the renewal of telomeres, small pieces of DNA placed at the top of the chromosomes. Researchers strongly suspect telomere degradation to be responsible for aging.

How do we do ?For Professor François Carré, cardiologist and sports doctor, you have to succeed in setting up a routine of 30 minutes of physical activity a day for it to work. “Park in the morning 10 minutes from work, or get off public transport earlier, and you will already be able to do 20 minutes of physical activity a day, counting the two journeys. Then just shorten the lunch break by 10 minutes and walk a bit instead. “It is a moderate physical activity:” The breath must be modified a little, but you do not sweat and you must feel that you could continue for a long time at this rate “, deciphers Pr Carré. To motivate yourself during these mini-sessions, you can also concoct a good playlist of music.

HIIT, the best sport against aging

Why does it work?It is no longer just about physical activity, but about sport. HIIT (for High Intensity Interval Training) consists of practicing short but intense exercises, interspersed with short recovery periods. This physical stress has been studied for a few years, and researchers have found that it has an anti-inflammatory impact on the body.

How do we do ?“Anyone can practice HIIT, because the exercises are adapted to physical fitness,” says Jessica Mellet, sports educator. If you can’t jump because of a knee problem, for example, you opt for non-impact movements. “A session can last 12 minutes, during which you chain 30 seconds of activity and 30 seconds of recovery where you walk quietly,” she explains. Among the possible exercises are knee lifts or squats, a movement which consists of bending the knees as if sitting on a chair, before going back up.

Overcome your stress

Why does it work?Whether acute or chronic, stress is pro-inflammatory and toxic to the body. While all anti-stress methods are good, heart coherence has many benefits. “It takes little time, requires no equipment and is very effective,” summarizes Dr. Buckenmeyer. Cardiac coherence decreases average heart rate and blood pressure, which is already a longevity factor in itself. A session also lowers cortisol levels and increases the production of DHEA, a hormone with anti-aging properties.

How do we do ?The principle is simple: inhale for 5 seconds, exhale over the same time, and repeat 6 times in a row to practice the exercise for 5 minutes. We practice 3 times to preserve the benefits all day long: morning, noon and evening.

Practice short fasting

Why does it work? What if we had to eat less to age less quickly? Fasting is a topic of research around the world and widely promoted by anti-aging doctors. Researcher Mark Mattson, professor of neuroscience at the American Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore (United States), has thus studied the question for many years. Significant changes take place when cells can no longer access sugar stores and begin to convert fat into energy. The result of his research has shown anti-inflammatory effects, as well as stimulation of the body’s oxidative defenses and its repair processes, in particular DNA.

How do we do ?It is not necessary to stop eating for several days. “All you need to do is regularly skip a meal,” says Dr. Bersand. If you don’t eat breakfast, you go 16 hours without eating between the evening meal and lunch the next day: this is called short fasting. For this specialist, the ideal is to keep this new rhythm for 5 days, possibly allowing yourself a “break” at the weekend. Of course, we continue to drink water when we are not eating, and tea and coffee are allowed.

Polar baths to evacuate toxins

Why does it work?Those crowds in bathing suits that rush into the icy water at the start of the year, make for a real makeover. The first studies have shown a benefit on the athlete’s recovery, but that’s not all, as Professor David Sinclair, professor at Harvard University in Boston, and director of a research laboratory on aging. Cold water creates a short oxidative stress, which in turn triggers a greater antioxidant response, and whose markers are found in the blood, such as glutathione. By activating blood circulation, cold water therefore helps the metabolism to evacuate toxins.

How do we do ? If you live by the sea, you can swim all year round. Otherwise, Professor Sinclair recommends exposing yourself to the cold for 3 or 4 minutes, for example by walking outside in a T-shirt. The bravest will try the “ice bath”, which consists of immersing yourself for 6 to 8 minutes in a tub of water with ice cubes, at 14-16°C. Be careful if you have a heart problembecause the cold suddenly accelerates the heart.

Adopt the sauna for its anti-inflammatory properties

Why does it work?Even if it is less known in France, the sauna is much practiced and studied in Finland. Benefits on arthritis pain or headaches have already been demonstrated, but also on inflammation. People who have a weekly sauna practice have lower levels of C-reactive protein and interleukins, markers of inflammation, than others. As for the cold, the body seems to respond to a thermal ministers by a cascade of anti-inflammatory and antioxidant reactions.

How do we do ? You must first make sure that you have no contraindications, such as a heart problem or varicose veins. We do not stay more than 15 to 20 minutes in the cabin, then we take a cool shower, and we can repeat this cycle up to 3 times per session.

To go further, read “T12S, Transformation 12 weeks”, Jessica Mellet, ed. Larousse, €15.95.

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