Anti-aging: how to properly protect your skin

Anti-aging: how to properly protect your skin

Sun, hygiene, sleep… Certain habits can make a difference to your skin.

1. Should you protect yourself from the sun all year round?

In our temperate climates, working in an office all day, putting on sunscreen all year round doesn’t make sense.

“In addition, sunscreens are closely monitored in terms of toxicity. When you put them on for three weeks a year, the risk-benefit balance goes in the direction of protection. But using it all year round raises a health issue because filters are sometimes accused of being endocrine disruptors,” warns Anne Clément, scientific director at Dr Pierre Ricaud.

On the other hand, when you expose yourself, you really have to protect yourself from UVA rays, which are the first and most important factor in skin aging. All our experts agree on this point.

2. Are tobacco and alcohol really bad for the skin?

They are second only to the sun in terms of accelerated aging factors. Needless to say that the sun + alcohol or sun + tobacco cocktail generates a very high dose of free radicals in the skin, which causes premature aging.

3. Is make-up removal part of anti-aging habits?

” Sure ! says Joëlle Ciocco, epidermologist and consultant for L’Oréal Paris. By cleansing the skin well, at least twice, very gently, rather than once aggressively. »

  • We first rid the skin of make-up or pollution, like when we take off our clothes at night, with a slightly greasy texture such as oil or cleansing milk.
  • Then, we clean up afterwards with a dermatological bar, a tonic lotion or floral water. This allows the skin to breathe better.

4. I don’t really have any wrinkles but I look tired. What care to apply?

If the complexion is pale and the features are sagging, the skin is not responsible, and age is not a big part of it.

“The problem with tired air is that it affects phenomena in depth, explains Alain Géloën, scientific consultant at Nivea. It is intimately linked to lifestyle, diet, sleep, and the regular practice of a sport. »

And to give simple advice: move during the day and sleep at night.

5. Are there any habits to change at the time of menopause?

The drop in estrogen accelerates the thinning of the dermis. These hormones naturally have a “beautiful skin” action: increase in skin hydration; they also promote the synthesis of collagen and elastin in fibroblasts, the increase in keratinocytes, etc.

The epidermis thickens because cell renewal is slower and dead cells accumulate on the surface. To compensate for these two phenomena, we can increase the scrubbing, from one to two per week, and opt for richer textures.

6. What are the most recognized anti-aging foods?

“You have to bring oils to the skin from within, because they are rich in vitamins D and A. For me, cod liver oil is essential in terms of anti-aging”, says Joelle Ciocco. All fruits and vegetables rich in antioxidants are also recommended.

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7. Is getting good sleep a game-changer?

“It’s obvious, there is a chronobiology of the skin to respect, says Alain Géloen. In particular, there is a peak in melatonin synthesis which occurs in the early morning, around 4 or 5 am. This melatonin, which regulates sleep, is also a powerful antioxidant present in the skin. »

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